Mom Forces Son-In-Law To Strip, Finds Out He’s A Woman. Wife Sues: Report
Stony Krissanto / EyeEm

An Indonesian woman filed a lawsuit against her former husband of ten months after learning he is actually a woman—despite engaging in intimacy several times, according to local media reports.

NA, 22, first met her ex-husband — who used the name Ahnaf Arrafif on a dating app — in Jambi City, the capital and largest city in the Indonesian province of Jambi. However, local media reports Arrafif’s real name is Erayani.

Erayani and NA developed an online relationship before dating in person.

Erayani, who said she graduated from an unknown school in New York and practiced neurology, visited NA for a week to help take care of her sick parents.

Tribun News reported, NA’s parents gave Erayani permission to marry their daughter after several weeks of dating. However four months after tying the knot, the family became suspicious of the NA’s “husband” questioning why they never met Erayani’s family or why “he” never removed clothing—even when bathing.

Erayani also appeared to have an open schedule for a “neurologist.”

At some point during the short marriage, NA confronted her ex-partner’s lumps on Erayani’s chest, which “he” claimed was a hormonal problem. That’s when NA’s mother forced Erayani to remove her clothes to prove she is, in fact, a man.

In that moment, Erayani came clean admitting he was a she and not a doctor.

According to local media, NA told the Jambi District Court she never suspected Ahnaf Arrafif was, in fact, Erayani, until her mother became suspicious of the marriage.

NA also said Erayani insisted their intimacy only consisted of using hands.

Erayani has appeared in court only for lying about her medical qualifications.

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