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THIS IS MODERN FEMINISM: $710 Virtue-Signaling Feminist T-Shirt Sold Out

Modern feminism is becoming synonymous with moral masturbation, millennial hedonism, and conspicuous consumption. Exhibit A: the $710, yes $710 “We Should All Be Feminists” T-shirt. The absurdly overpriced T-shirt has sold out online, raising questions about whom or what feminism, as a moral ideology, benefits.

Yahoo Style reports:

When the “We Should All Be Feminists” T-shirt came down the runway as a part of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first ever Dior runway show, it kicked up quite a bit of noise. Chiuri was the first female creative director of the house and was calling for a bit of a revolution. Since then, the brand’s ambassadors have turned up everywhere in the piece. Now, only days after the piece went on presale, it’s sold out.

Retailing for a whopping $710, the piece was originally available only at Saks Fifth Avenue and in Dior boutiques. Saks even got an exclusive version of the design in black, that it is offering at the same price. That option is still available. But with that premium price point, the piece is again, understandably, causing quite a bit of conversation online.

From vagina-hats to deliberately ensanguined underwear, third-wave feminism has become nothing more than a cult in which the devout don symbolic, albeit disturbingly lewd, prayer shawls to virtue-signal about the elusive phantom of “patriarchy.”

As Yahoo notes, social media users have come out in droves, criticizing the expensive T-shirt:

What once was a movement devoted to women’s suffrage and equal rights has become a crusade hell-bent on self-flattery and sophistry.

You may be thinking that perhaps some of the profits squeezed out of self-branded feminists eager to purchase a T-shirt designed to illustrate how “woke” they are may be directed toward charity. Well, the designer, Dior, has yet to announce exactly how much of the proceeds will go to charity, if any.

“No announcement has been made about how much of the proceeds will go to charity, but one would hope it’s a healthy amount,” notes Yahoo.

Presumably, some of the money would fill the coffers of pop-singer Rihanna’s charity. But we all know how honest celeb charities can be.

“Welcome to a world in which it’s not uncommon for a celebrity’s pet foundation to have greater administrative costs than the amount of money it grants,” writes Forbes’ David K. Randall.

Cataloguing the ineffective and wasteful world of celebrity alms-giving, Randall continues:

Tax records from Tyra Banks’ TZone Foundation, for instance, show that in 2006 it paid $35,000 in salaries, while distributing only $32,000 in grants. A spokesperson for Banks said that the tax form was filled out incorrectly and that the foundation did not pay board members salaries.

The Justin Timberlake Foundation, meanwhile, spent $146,000 on operating costs in 2006, according to tax records. This included $10,000 on travel, and $40,000 on loosely defined “other services.” At the same time, it distributed $32,500, with $30,000 of that going to the Jane Goodall Institute. No one at the foundation returned calls for comment despite multiple attempts.

There’s nothing worse than when celebrity patronage meets leftist social justice causes. When the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and of course the ever-odious Lena Dunham stand-up on their gilded podiums to patronize the masses and deliver lectures about the virtues of modern feminism, always remember that while the oft-derided, brow-beaten, Trump-supporting, church-going, bible-believing, coal-miner in West Virginia may not have the means to be a female-ally and fight the patriarchy by buying his daughter a celeb-endorsed $710 feminist T-shirt, he sure as hell will work his a** off to make sure that his daughter has a roof over her head and some food on the table for supper.