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Mob Accosting Rand Paul Demanded He Acknowledge Breonna Taylor. He Authored The Justice For Breonna Taylor Act

"Say her name!"
WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 06: Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) questions Chad Wolf, acting Secretary of Homeland Security, who appears before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on August 6, 2020 in Washington D.C. The committee held a hearing on “Oversight of DHS Personnel Deployments to Recent Protests." (Photo by Toni Sandys-Pool/Getty Images)
Toni Sandys-Pool/Getty Images

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who told Fox News Friday morning that he believes he would be dead if police had not formed a barrier between his family and RNC protesters, was the subject of obsessive jeers deriding him for failing to acknowledge the death of Breonna Taylor, a Louisville EMT who was shot and killed in her own apartment by Louisville police allegedly acting on a bad warrant.

There is just one problem: Rand is the author of the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, which goes further than even Democrat efforts to reform the police, essentially outlawing no-knock warrants like the one executed the night Taylor was killed.

As The Daily Wire reported Thursday night, CBS News captured the interaction between Paul and the protesters, who can be heard on camera shouting “Say her name!” and demanding that he acknowledge Taylor’s death. When Paul remained silent, protesters jeered him with chants of, “White silence is violence!”

But as Paul pointed out in his interview Friday, he is not just a sponsor, but the author of S. 3955, the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” which, according to the text of the bill, eliminates the practice of executing no-knock warrants.

The bill was issued on June 11, just days after the shooting, and within the early days of national unrest focusing on racism and police brutality.

“After talking with Breonna Taylor’s family, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s long past time to get rid of no-knock warrants. This bill will effectively end no-knock raids in the United States,” Rand said in a statement at the time.

“Senator Paul’s Justice for Breonna Taylor Act would require federal law enforcement officers to provide notice of their authority and purpose before they could execute a warrant, and it would require the same of any state or local law enforcement agency that receives funds from the Department of Justice,” an official press release from Paul’s office notes.

Paul reiterated his support for the Act on Friday.

“They were yelling threats. They were trying to push the police over to get to me,” Paul said. “They were grabbing at us, and it got worse and worse and worse, and then finally, we decided to make a move. I said we’ve got to move”

“If there’s not reinforcements, we have to try to get to the hotel which was another block and they were shouting threats to us, to kill us, to hurt us, but also threats, shouting ‘say her name, Breonna Taylor,’ and it’s like you couldn’t reason with this mob, but I’m actually the author of the Breonna Taylor law to end no-knock raids,” he noted.

Leftists, tweeting in support of the mob that attacked Paul, claimed that Paul cannot get credit for the act because it was ultimately tabled — a decision that Paul did not make but, they say, resulted from Paul’s reluctance to confront Republican Senate leadership. They also derided Paul for continuing to align with Republicans despite his commitment to criminal justice reform.

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