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Mitch McConnell’s Popularity Plunging Out Of Sight

By  Hank

According to a new poll from PPP, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s approval rating has plunged to unheard-of depths: 9%.

The same poll found that even Russian President Vladimir Putin had a higher approval rating than McConnell: 11%. As Allahpundit at HotAir points out, the 9% rating McConnell got is likely exaggerated, but it does jive with two other polls that show McConnell is hugely unpopular: a Kentucky poll by PPP showing McConnell at 18% in his home state, and a survey conducted by former Trump campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio that showed McConnell at 27/44 nationally, down 25 net points since June.

Allahpundit notes that while the Senate elections hugely favor the GOP in 2018, as they will defend only eight Senate seats, while Democrats must defend 25, the fact that President Trump has attacked GOP senators Flake and Heller could be dangerous, causing the GOP to lose the Senate. Despite Trump’s anger at Flake for criticizing him, it’s especially dumb to attack Flake since he has voted with Trump almost 94% of the time.

Allahpundit also points out, “Things are continuing to look good for Democrats in 2018, as they lead the generic Congressional ballot 49-35. The 14-point lead for Democrats may be too good to be true though- it’s a function of a highly divided Republican base at this point. While Clinton voters say they’ll vote Democratic for Congress next year 90-4, Trump voters say they will vote Republican by only a 74-13 margin … how much of the dismal polling for Congress right now on the right is due to policy failures and how much is due to the personal pique between Trump and McConnell et al.?”

McConnell and Trump have been sniping at each other publicly recently; McConnell even said that Trump had “excessive expectations for GOP senators.” Yet they joined to support Alabama Senator Luther Strange, who was appointed to succeed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in the Alabama GOP primary.

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