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A Miracle Story: Baby Saved After Mother Had Already Started Abortion

Here’s a beautiful story of how a baby was rescued from death by a woman who had taken an abortion pill already, but then rescued the baby through abortion reversal and the love and devotion of her parents.

In early 2017, Katrina, who had been the president of her sorority, was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. Desperate because her boyfriend had threatened to kill himself if she didn’t abort their child, Katrina visited an abortion clinic in Alamonte Springs, Florida, near Orlando, and started the two-step abortion pill process by taking mifepristone.

As Jay Hobbs of reports, Katrina recalled later, “The second I got there, it didn’t feel right. It was just an eerie, chilling feeling once I walked in. I just felt completely lifeless. The second I actually took the pill, it hit me —‘I can’t believe that my selfishness is really getting the best of me and allowing me to murder an unborn child because of my own selfish reasons and because someone else is getting in my head.’”

Hobbs points out that the abortion clinic staff never mentioned that Katrina could change her mind and stop the abortion once it was started.

Katrina’s sister, a practicing Catholic, knew about her sister’s predicament, but the day she went for the abortion, Katrina lied and told her sister she’d lost the baby in a miscarriage. Her parents, living in Jacksonville, were unaware of her pregnancy, but over Christmas break they figured it out after seeing a Google search Katrina had run on their home computer over Christmas break.

Incredibly, the very day Katrina went for her abortion, her parents had made the two-hour drive to her, prompting Katrina to tell them what she had done.

Katrina’s determined mother did a search online and found the Abortion Pill Reversal network and hotline (, 1-877-558-0333). That same network has helped over 400 mothers rescue their children after starting the two-step abortion pill process since 2007.

Rushed to the Life Choices Medical Clinic, Katrina got chills because it was within steps of the very abortion clinic she had visited the day before. Katrina recalled, “I told my mom, ‘Hey, this isn’t the place. I don’t know what it is, but this is the place I actually got the abortion.’” But she entered Life Choices, and two lives were irrevocably changed — hers and her baby’s.

Katrina discussed the situation with Mercedes Henry of the clinic, who encouraged her to pray with her, then left the room to get a drink of water while Katrina considered what to do.

That did it: Katrina said later, “I don’t know what happened. I really don’t know what changed in me, but in those few moments she was gone, I just felt this overwhelming sense of peace. For the first time since I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t feel like I was living in fear.”

Henry came back into the room, looked Katrina in the eye and said, “Let’s save your baby, Katrina.”

As Hobbs reports, “Within hours, Katrina was in the office of Life Choices’ medical director John Littell, MD, FAAFP, receiving emergency injections of progesterone to try and counter the effects of the first abortion pill. Later that spring — after weeks of regular progesterone treatment — Katrina gave birth to a healthy little boy she named Gabriel. Along the way, Katrina finished up her college degree and landed a job in her hometown, where she and Gabriel live with her parents.”

Katrina concluded, “Everything just seemed like it was God’s hand at work. We are so blessed to have this amazing kid, even though he wasn’t in our plans at all. He was just completely unexpected, but he’s been such a blessing to everyone who’s been part of this. It’s really brought us closer together in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”

The hand of God — and two determined and loving parents.

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