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Millennial Latina GOP Congressional Candidate Has First Cable News Appearance

By  Ryan Saavedra
Catalina Lauf
Instagram: Catalina Lauf (used with permission)

Conservative Latina congressional candidate Catalina Lauf had her first cable news appearance over the weekend on Fox News where she laid out her vision to reach Millenials for the Republican Party and to be an anchor for preserving freedom for future generations.

Appearing on Fox News’ “FOX & Friends,” Lauf told Jedediah Bila about her upbringing as the daughter of a legal Guatemalan immigrant, her desire to reach young people, and her support for President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

When asked about why she would be a different kind of a political candidate, Lauf highlighted her love of small business, entrepreneurship, and understanding the greatness of America as the daughter of a legal immigrant.

“Growing up, you know my mom, I’m the daughter of a legal Guatemalan immigrant, my dad is a small business owner, and with that we have such a profound love of entrepreneurship and limited government and allowing for small businesses to thrive and when you have a political landscape where there’s a lot of regulation and so much tax that really hinders the innovation that entrepreneurs can have,” Lauf said. “I’m a very big proponent of entrepreneurship and small business and that’s a big platform of mine. My district has a lot of small business owners and we need to ensure we’re creating an environment that really fosters that growth.”

When asked about those who called the president “racist” for wanting to enforce immigration laws, Lauf responded: “It’s so sad, he’s not a racist, you know people like my mom and my grandmother and many other Hispanic Americans who have come here legally feel so insulted by that because they did it the right way and there is a process for it and you should be a law-abiding citizen. President Trump is doing his best to protect the country and we should be enforcing legal immigration laws.”

Bila then highlighted a clip of Lauf’s opponent, Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL), who falsely claimed that the Trump administration was intentionally killing kids in immigrant detention facilities.

“It is disgusting the way that the far-left chose our men and women in uniform to be these vile characters,” Lauf said in response to the clip. “They’re human and they’re doing their job and people need to recognize that and comments like that are just further dividing people when we’re trying to come together right now.”

On reaching Millenials, Lauf said that she wants to lead a resurgence for young Americans, getting them to put freedom first.

“I think it starts by creating a unifying message, number one,” Lauf said. “I think Millennials are very, you know, reasonable people, we have power of voice and we have conviction and I think they need leadership to understand that freedom should come first. we don’t have that right now for our generation and I hope and inspire to be that.”


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