Michigan State Professor Sued For Forcing Hundreds Of Students To Pay $99 To Join Her Radical Leftist Group

Students are suing former marketing professor Amy Wisner.
Michigan State University entrance sign. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A Michigan State University (MSU) professor is being sued by students after she allegedly compelled hundreds of her students to pay to join her radical leftist group as part of the curriculum for a required business communication course she taught.

Amy Wisner, a former marketing professor at MSU, allegedly charged 600 students $99 each to join The Rebellion Community, an outside group run by Wisner, using “her authority under University policies to select ‘course materials,'” according to the lawsuit.

Students Nolan Radomski and Nathan Barbieri are suing Wisner, claiming she used the money from students to donate to Planned Parenthood as well as buy an RV for a trip around the U.S.

By doing so, the pair of students claimed in the suit that Wisner “forced them to materially support the homicide of innocent children.”

MSU removed Wisner from the class in March after students complained about The Rebellion Community, according to Michigan Live.

The school offered students a refund for the roughly $60,000 they paid to the leftist group. The refund money came from Broad College of Business funds, MSU spokesman Dan Olsen said, according to Michigan Live. Olsen also said that Wisner was no longer employed at the university.

However, the students are still asking the court to make Wisner pay back the money she took from students, or at least stop using the funds for political expression.

Wisner complained about her termination in an April 7 Facebook post.


“MSU fired me because they did not want me and my guest lecturers to teach diversity, equity, and inclusion to students in the core business communication class,” Wisner wrote. “The battle over this issue started in October 2022 and ended about a month ago when they fired me for insubordination.”

In their lawsuit, the pair of students say they object to some of The Rebellion Community’s political speech.

“Based on the content on The Rebellion Community Website and Defendant Wisner’s other speeches and posts, Plaintiffs also object to supporting the speech of The Rebellion Community and the unspecified ‘organizations fighting systemic oppression’ that their money may also be supporting,” the lawsuit states.

The students cited the Rebellion Community’s Instagram page, which had a post that said, “I would like all the women in my life to stop for a minute, take a long, deep breath, and burn everything to the f***ing ground.”

Wisner allegedly described the group’s content as “patriarchy-smashing content,” which she defines as “any expectation that couples should get married before having children,” according to the lawsuit.

The students suing her said they believe that “God’s design for marriage, sexuality, and family … is good for both men and women and they oppose efforts to ‘smash’ this order.”

On a GoFundMe page raising money for her RV trip, Wisner describes herself as a “single mom by choice” and says she and her kids are planning an RV road trip around the U.S. “to co-create communities of rebels.”

On Facebook in a post that has now been deleted, Wisner called her group a “safe place to co-ordinate our efforts to burn everything to the f***ing ground.”

Meanwhile, Wisner’s official syllabus described The Rebellion Community in more muted terms as “a global social learning community.”

The lawsuit also names Judith Whipple, the interim dean of the Broad College of Business and interim Provost Thomas Jeitschko as defendants.

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