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Michelle Obama Launches Voter Registration Push With Tom Hanks, Lin Manuel Miranda

By  Emily Zanotti

Michelle Obama is taking a starring role in a new “non-partisan” campaign to encourage Americans to register to vote and make sure they cast a ballot in November.

The Hill reports that Obama is joining forces with a cast of celebrities — all of whom happen to be Democratic donors and activists — “in a public service announcement to promote a get-out-the-vote push.”

The video stars Tom Hanks, Lin Manuel Miranda (of “Hamilton” fame), Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Janele Monae alongside the former First Lady. Obama “places calls” to her celebrity friends to remind them that the presidential election isn’t the only election that matters.


“If we really want our voices to be heard, we need to vote in every election. Not just for president, but for every office: school board, statehouse, Senate — all of them,” Obama tells Miranda.

“When we vote, we prove that we are a democracy. We’re a government of the people and by the people,” Hanks adds.

Michelle Obama rounds out the PSA by announcing the creation of a “When We All Vote” non-profit. “It’s time. Our nation requires it. Our democracy and the country we love requires our attention, voice, and participation.”

All the celebrities who appear in the video, including Obama, will serve as co-chairs on the “When We All Vote” campaign.

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