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Merkel’s Muslim Immigration Policy COLLAPSING

Embattled German Chancellor Angela Merkel is doubling-down on her controversial Muslim immigration policy despite a massive pushback by right-wing parties in Germany and its European Union member states, including neighboring Austria.

Merkel’s stubborn stance has become the bane of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party. Voters have punished CDU at the ballot, dealing the party a massive blow in the last round of elections on September 4.

Campaigning on a referendum against Merkel’s lax immigration policies, the far-right Alternative for Germany party pulled ahead of CDU for the first time in German history, placing Merkel’s party in third place in an election that saw the underclass, poor working class Germans from the poverty-stricken northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern hold the country’s ruling elite accountable for its reckless open-borders cheerleading.

“The far-right Alternative for Germany party now has seats in nine of the country’s 16 state legislatures and seems likely to win more when the city-state of Berlin votes on Sunday,” reports The New York Times. “That the result came a year to the day after she threw open the country’s borders to admit migrants trapped in Hungary, and that it occurred in her political home state, which shelters very few refugees, accentuated the loss.”

The election was a deafening clarion call for change, forcing Merkel to head “toward national elections next year more politically vulnerable than at any time since her early days in office, with implications that extend far beyond Germany’s borders,” according to the Times. “Her continued defense of her decision to admit more than a million migrants to Germany last year has left her increasingly isolated from other leaders coping with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment in their electorates, especially after terrorist attacks.”

Even members of Merkel’s own party are now turning on her, condemning the German Chancellor as weak and naive.

But it’s not just Merkel that’s in trouble. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President François Hollande, and of course Merkel herself, the three pillars of Europe’s liberal multicultural-minded ruling coalition, are all facing angry electoral majorities at home. It looks like even the most “tolerant” of European voters are losing patience with leaders they perceive to enforce a Continent-wide cultural surrender to Islam.

As the de facto leader of the EU, Merkel’s immigration policy has been forced down the throats of other member states with surprising bureaucratic ease. Hungary, Poland and other states located in the eastern bloc of the EU have already fought back, pushing through strongman authoritarian politicians to challenge Brussels’ open-borders machinations.

But now voters are finally voicing their outrage at the ballot box in Merkel’s own backyard and demanding decisive change. Merkel’s immigration policy is collapsing quickly. If she loses next year’s national election, then expect the next German Chancellor to reverse course and tear her immigration policy to shreds.