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Merkel Rejects Limit On Refugees. Meanwhile, Jihadists Terrorize Germany.

By  Michael Qazvini

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has flat-out refused to place an upper limit on refugees even as Islamic jihadists detonate explosives in city centers and misogynistic young Muslim migrant males unabashedly sexually assault German women.

“As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it,” said the German chancellor Sunday during “an annual interview broadcast.”

Instead, Merkel insisted that Europe should put more focus on the geopolitical circumstances in the Middle East that have given rise to the refugee crisis.

The chancellor’s tone deaf remarks came as members of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), the sister party to Merkel’s own conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), push for more regulations on refugee intake in the wake of culture clashes and social unrest.

As The Daily Wire reported, the German government has been in denial over the consequences of its childishly naive asylum policy.

After a horde of 1,000 Muslim men viciously assaulted over 100 women on New Year’s Eve 2016 in Cologne, some German politicians shied away from condemning the actual attacks and instead directed their scorn at the “the right-wing” for its apparent “anti-immigrant” rhetoric.

“What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women. This is poisoning the climate of our society,” said interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, Ralf Jaeger, at the time.

The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo documents the sheer extent of the refugee-initiated rape epidemic in Germany.

In January of 2016, German authorities confirmed nearly 1,000 Muslim refugees carried out a coordinated attack on German women bringing in the New Year, sexually assaulting, raping and robbing an estimated 100 women.

In June, two Muslim refugees in Germany raped a woman in a park. Their reasoning? “We were having a bad day.”

In December, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee was detained by German authorities for the rape and murder of 19-year-old university student, Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a top EU official.

And the list goes on.

Unfortunately, rape isn’t the only thing that’s being imported by the wave of Muslim migrants entering Germany.

Whether it’s 17-year-olds wielding meat cleavers, 19-year-olds slitting the throat of 84-year-old priests, or your run-of-the-mill suicide bomber blowing himself up and taking innocent victims with him, many young Muslim men in Europe have been entirely unable to assimilate into Western society. This failure to assimilate has given way to resentment and bloodshed, a reality Merkel has yet to fully wrap her head around.

Adding insult to injury, the German state appears ill-equipped to handle the terrorist threat.

Germany has lost track of 7,000 possible terror suspects, many of whom have found safe haven in incoming refugee populations.

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