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Mendocino Complex Fire Now The Size Of LA, Largest Fire In CA History

By  Hank Berrien

As of midday on Tuesday, the Mendocino Complex Fire, the largest in California’s history, had ravaged over 290,000 acres, or 453 square miles, making it roughly as big as the city of Los Angeles, which encompasses 469 square miles. The fire is 34% contained.

The Mendocino Complex fire is comprised of two fires; the River Fire and the Ranch Fire. The River Fire is located northeast of Hopland, and the Ranch Fire is located northeast of Ukiah. 75 residences and 68 other structures have been destroyed.

At noon on Tuesday, mandatory evacuation orders were issued for residents southeast of Potter Valley. Roughly 4,000 firefighters have been working for 11 days to combat the fire.

Last December, the Thomas fire burned 283,800 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Other fires are plaguing the state; the Carr fire, which began July 23 north of the Mendocino fire, has burned 167,113 acres and is 47% contained; two firefighters have died fighting the blaze. The Carr fire has destroyed 1,077 residences, 22 commercial structures, and 500 outbuildings.

The Donnell fire began on August 1, 2018; it has burned 13,200 acres and is 2% contained. The Ferguson fire, near Yosemite National Park, has burned 94,331 acres and is 43% contained. Two people have been killed in the Ferguson fire.

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