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Meghan McCain DESTROYS Comedian Kumail Nanjiani After He Accuses Her Father Of Racism

Conservative co-host of “The View,” and daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Meghan McCain, snapped back at comedian Kumail Nanjiani after the “Silicon Valley” star accused her father of racism.

Nanjiani thought he was being incredibly clever, suggesting that a leaked White House “joke” that circulated over the weekend about McCain’s late-stage brain cancer was “vile” but ultimately justified because the joke was nowhere near as vile as what McCain has been privy to, said, and defended.

That’s a pretty ridiculous thing for Najiani to say, and we’re almost embarrassed for him. Sen. John McCain has been a lot of things over the years, but he’s always been a vocal critic of speech that denigrates other people. And McCain’s daughter Meghan let Nanjiani know, firing back with clips of her father defending even his 2008 opponent, Barack Obama from racist rhetoric.

Nanjiani tried to defend himself, claiming Meghan’s video depicted only a single event, but he was quickly peppered with other examples of McCain’s honorable behavior — and not just by Republicans. Commentator Ana Navarro, who is ostensibly a Republican but is, of late, a sharp critic of the entire party, came to McCain’s defense.

Ultimately, Nanjiani was forced to crawl back to Meghan McCain, begging her forgiveness.

It’s not clear what he did mean, and Nanjiani did not go on to elaborate on his “point” any further.