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Meet The Most Annoying Feminists On The Planet. They’re Men.

If you thought female feminists were hard to stomach, wait untill you get a load of the latest trend: male feminists.

Apparently, men who identify as “feminists” have flocked Tinder—a well-know hook-up site—to, well, do just that. A Tumblr account called “Male Feminists of Tinder” has captured all the incredibly annoying men who are either desperate for some female affection or just plain old sorry excuses for the (trigger warning) male gender – although they are most likely a combination of both.

Let’s meet these fine bachelors, shall we?

Are you a lonely feminist who enjoys “going dutch” on dates to “stick it” to “the patriarchy?” Look no further than Sean. He’s single, 29 years old, an active Tinder user, and only pays “for himself on the first date.”

Up next is the ambiguous “feminist artist” (whatever the heck that is) from Brooklyn who is “looking for the you-know-what in the you-know-where.” Subtle.

Oh, and besides the whole mandated putting-out thing, you are also prohibited from “jewelry, shopping, clothing, meat, material things, sports, clubs, drinking for fun, and sarcasm.” This fun guy’s inbox must be FLOODED with requests.

Then there is Will. This avid yogi is 30-years-old and a “Feminist in the streets” and a “misogynist in the bed.” #ItsOkayNoOneReallyUnderstandsFeminismEither

Cute 24-year-old Josh gives off a simple yet ambitious vibe with his “Come dismantle the patriarchy with me” comment.

Last but not least, meet Jeff, possibly the most pathetic man in all the land. Jeff wants to “lie on your bed and ask you difficult questions.” It’s a mystery why this guy had to turn to Tinder to find a girl.

For more on this pathetic trend, check out “The Ben Shapiro Show” Thursday podcast here where Shapiro gives his epic take.

H/T New York Mag