Top Ten Batsh*t-Crazy Feminist Fails of 2015

Feminists these days are unorganized, gullible, and looking for relevance; mostly because women today face no legislated institutionalized sexism—zero, zip, zilch, nada. So when you are no longer a victim and happen to be in the grievance business, funny things start to transpire.

Let’s reminisce on the top ten most absurd, ass-backward feminist fails of 2015 which sprung from this pathetic quest for relevance.

1. Armpit hair and “glitter pits” empower women

Feminists began growing out their armpit hair this summer because “women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies, including small details like armpit hair,” according to one of the feminist crazies who spouted off to CNN. And as if that weren’t bad enough, they began to dye and douse their armpit hair in glitter while coining the phrase “glitter pits.”

Nothing screams equality quite like a stinky, single woman with glitter and pink dye running from her hairy underarm.

2. “Free the nipple” to end female objectification

Ah, the “free the nipple” campaign! Feminists—believing that male and female nipples should be allowed to roam the public freely and equally since male and female bodies are exactly the same, or something—took to the streets of over 60 major cities across America this summer to protest the objectification of the female body, namely the female nipple, by exposing their nipples in public while men stopped, stared and objectified. Solid feminist logic right there.

Per the Daily Mail:

Rachel Jessee, an actress and model who leads the GoTopless group in NYC, explained that Sunday's topless campaigners want women to have the same right as men to go topless in public.

'Our goal is for equal gender topless rights to be enforced worldwide, freeing women's nipples,' she said.

3. “Slut-shaming” must, and will end via “SlutWalks”

One feminist, Amber Rose—model and former girlfriend of Kanye West and mother to rapper Wiz Khalifa’s baby—became the face of the idiotic force to end “slut-shaming” through organizing a “SlutWalk” in Los Angeles.

As The Daily Wire has previously reported, “The fight against ‘slut-shaming,’ according to Rose, is all about the ‘empowerment’ versus the ‘shaming’ of women who are sexually promiscuous. In other words, you are the reason that they feel bad about themselves, not their poor choices, and you need to stop.”

Because why promote healthy choices for women when we can just rid the pesky stigma and set up women for failure instead?

4. Peeing your pants for equality

4Chan is a gift from God; members have led the charge in exposing modern-day feminists for the man-hating nut-jobs that they really are. The online forum cooked-up a scheme to convince feminists that the latest trend was to "piss for equality." And yes, they fell for it—feminists actually peed their pants, took pictures of it, and then proudly posted it to social media. Talk about a blind following.

(Image via Right Wing News)

5. Free-Bleeding to protest the oppressive “tampon-tax”

4Chan strikes again! Gullible feminists in Britain fell into another trap manufactured by the online forum’s members back in 2014. In November, feminists, who obviously didn’t get the memo that this was a hoax, took to the streets outside of parliament to protest the so-called “tampon-tax” by “free-bleeding.” If you don’t know what “free-bleeding” is, take a gander at the picture below and all questions will be instantly cleared up. (My apologies in advance.)

6. #ShoutYourAbotion campaign

In one of the most despicable displays of selfish, destructive and vile behavior to date from modern-day feminists, a campaign to “shout your abortion” was launched via social media in effort to rid the stigma from the act of abortion, echoing the false feminist mantra, “my body my choice.”

Per The Daily Wire from a previous report, Amelia Bonow, the co-founder of the #ShoutYourAbotion hashtag, bragged, “I think that it’s really powerful to watch a woman sit there and say, ‘I wasn’t ready,’ or ‘I didn’t want to become a mother,’ or ‘I was in school,’ or ‘I knew my relationship was bad.’ These are all totally valid reasons to choose to terminate a pregnancy, and when you look at a woman’s face and she tells you, ‘I just wasn’t ready’ — that’s enough. And this culture has never made women feel like that’s enough.”

The campaign featured 15 women who went “on screen for YouTube videos to describe their experiences during their abortion.” And as Hank Berrien of The Daily Wire pointed out, “none of the women’s babies were available for filming to describe their version of events."

7. Mistletoe must be stopped.

4Chan—need I say more? Some far-removed-from-reality feminists were tricked into protesting mistletoe because it “perpetuates” the well-exaggerated “rape culture.”

8. The nonexistent gender pay-gap must be ended

The gender pay-gap doesn’t exist. It’s a myth, a Bigfoot, the feminists’ very own Sasquatch. But that didn’t stop feminists from being victimized by it. Famous, rich, white women like Olivia Wilde, Patricia Arquette, Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham and even Hillary Clinton have all complained about the wage gap, which has been proven to be a fallacy time and again.

In October of this year, the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, lamented the pay-gap which supposedly led her to be compensated less than her male costars for the hit film American Hustle.

The problem? The math didn’t check out, as it usually doesn’t when feminists claim victimhood. Breitbart reported that Lawrence actually received more compensation for the film based on hours worked. Oops!

9.The United Nations must stop people from being mean to feminists online

No, seriously. Feminists made it all the way to the UN to gripe about being “harassed” online and demanded that the government step in and help via censorship and silencing. Too bad their sources and statistics concerning harassment online were all wrong; men were far more likely to be harassed online for starters. Pesky facts!

Christian Hoff Sommers explains:


Last, but certainly not least: Gamergate. Basically, feminists tried to belittle and shame gamers for their “sexist” and “misogynistic” videogames. This was a complete fail because they probably did not anticipate their worst nightmare coming to the defense of the gamers who just wanted to be left alone, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos.

Honorable mentions (because there just weren't enough spots available):

  1. The much exaggerated “rape culture” must be stopped even if innocent men come as collateral
  2. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is sexist
  3. Rush Boobs are Sexist, Free the Nipple is not
  4. Seductively reading the Bible combats misogyny…
  5. The word “Too” is sexist and must be stopped
  6. Feminists join the anti-Semitic BDS Movement
  7. The Gilbert Arenas Fiasco
  8. Gender-fluid pronoun gate
  9. Lena Dunham.

And many, many more…

On behalf of sane people everywhere: Thank you, feminists, for all the entertainment value you have provided this past year with your insane flip-outs, ghost-hunts against nonexistent problems, and your hilariously hysterical behavior—it’s been fun!

Happy New Year!


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