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Media Meltdown: PolitiFact Says It Is ‘Not a Crime’ To Be An Illegal Alien

By  John Nolte

One thing I’ve noticed about the national media, most especially our phony fact-checkers, like Snopes, The Washington Post, and PolitiFact, is that the more they are caught lying, the worse they get. When caught, rather than behave like professionals and right the ship, these leftists become even more unhinged until they are reduced to becoming trolls, outlets unconcerned with journalistic integrity but eager to get bigger and bigger rises out of the Right. This is called a meltdown.

With their credibility shot and ability to persuade a thing of the past, all that remains is a childish belligerence that results in the fact-checker becoming more and more outrageous with their claims. Case in point … PolititFact‘s hilarious claim that it is “not a crime” to be in the United States illegally.

First off, crossing the border illegally actually is a crime. It is called illegal entry. Even American citizens who enter their own country illegally, say, to avoid customs, are committing a crime. Try dodging customs and see if you aren’t in all kinds of legal trouble.

The distinction without a difference PolitiFact hides behind (while still dishonestly conflating all illegal aliens within its “not a crime” analysis) are those who overstay their visas, those who came into the country legally but remain here illegally. Technically they are only guilty of a “civil violation,” which is not technically a “crime.” But as Jazz Shaw points out at Hot Air (you should read his full piece), being an illegal immigrant is a far cry from something like a parking ticket:

If you get a parking ticket (heck even if you get hundreds of parking tickets) nobody is going to throw you into a wagon, haul you off to a cell, march you in front of a judge and then put you on a bus and eject you from the nation. You wind up having a small fee to pay at worst in the case of almost all other civil violations. Just because the two things fall under the same broader definition, it’s hardly an example of “fact checking” or any form of “truth telling” to conflate the two as if they were even close to being the same thing.

This is a disingenuous dodge which the open borders crowd loves to keep bringing up over and over again. Sadly, I don’t see any end to this practice on the horizon, but it should be called out whenever we find it.

Even if you want to buy into PolitiFact‘s dishonest semantics, I would add that whether you entered this country illegally or overstayed a visa, unless you are in the highly unlikely position of having a sugar daddy willing to cover every penny of your expenses forever, it is almost impossible to be an illegal immigrant without committing some kind of crime.

Forged papers, identity theft, lying under oath (to a notary), tax avoidance … These crimes are all part and parcel of being an illegal alien in America. And these are actual crimes. The moment you start earning almost any kind of money, you are guilty of a crime, probably many crimes, including tax avoidance.

Sanctuary cities don’t make these actions any less of a crime. Sanctuary cities are just another form of the old Civil War-era Confederacy, where once again Democrats illegally ignore federal law as a means to exploit cheap, non-white labor and hold on to political power.

The Left, and this of course includes the national media, is out of ideas, exhausted by failure, and angry over their inability to emotionally blackmail the American public into thinking and voting a certain way.

In a way we have never seen before, the media has lost all of its moral authority.

So all they have left are partisan conspiracy theories and the ability to annoy and distract through blatant lying in “fact-checks” such as this one.

As a wise man once said: Sad!

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