PolitiFact And Snopes Caught Lying About Democrats Seated During Navy SEAL Tribute

Even the left-wing PolitiFact admits that during President Trump's moving tribute to the widow of Navy SEAL William Owens "most Democrats are seated."

Even the left-wing Snopes admits "It seems to be true that some Democrats began to take their seats and sit down while more Republicans remained standing and clapping."

And yet, both left-wing outlets not only attack The Daily Wire for reporting events exactly as they happened, these phony fact-checkers go on to outright lie in their defense of Democrats -- who did indeed remain seated during the height of the sustained applause, and tribute, to William and Carryn Owens.

It is right there, you know, on actual video

The moment starts at 49:14. But it is at the 50:22 mark that you can clearly see large numbers of Democrats seated just as cheers ring out and the applause reaches an unforgettable crescendo.

Nevertheless, both PolitiFact and Snopes attack The Daily Wire for -- wait for it! wait for it! -- reporting on what happened in the exact same way both of these left-wing outlets do.

Here is what editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro wrote Tuesday night:

Democrats initially stood for the widow. But then they sat.

Trump didn't.

As his widow wept and mouthed to heaven, “I love you, baby,” Trump led a round of applause that lasted two minutes.

And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) apparently sat there and didn’t cheer as the incredible moment progressed, along with Senator Bernie Sanders and others – see this video at approximately three minutes in, as the cameras pan the crowd. Look at the right hand side of this screenshot:

Click here for the video and screenshots that clearly prove what Shapiro describes.

So here at The Daily Wire, we clearly stated that a large number of Democrats initially stood, then sat, and then, through most of the second round of applause, refused to stand and applaud. Democrats chose to truculently sit down to protest or resist or pout, or something.

Here is more photographic proof of Democrat leaders seated during the applause:

What these dishonestfact-checkers are attempting to do is two-fold:

1) Although The Daily Wire described the event accurately, described the event in the exact same way both PolitiFact and Snopes did, they are attacking us as liars, because…

2) They want to protect Democrats from the very damaging spectacle of them remaining seated during a tribute to an American warrior and his widow.

No one tried to argue that Democrats never stood. That was not the point.

But the inconvenient fact remains that Democrats sat down and chose to remain stubbornly and heartlessly seated as this moving tribute began to build to its highest and most memorable point.

But by splitting hairs, these propagandists who disguise themselves as fact checkers, can pretend Democrats did nothing wrong, even though the whole world can look at the video and see that they are clearly being rude and spiteful, clearly sitting and not applauding for a standing Carryn Owens.

The Daily Wire, PolitiFact and Snopes ALL described the events in the exact same way; exactly as they happened.

But only PolitiFact and Snopes are lying about the Democrats doing nothing grotesque and un-American.

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