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Media Hides Eric Schneiderman’s Political Affiliation

On Monday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned after multiple women came forward and accused him of violent physical abuse, and from the way many media outlets reported the story, readers wouldn’t know that Schneiderman is a Democrat.

Schneiderman’s political affiliation is important enough that the original source of the story— The New Yorker, which is a left-leaning publication — mentioned in the first two lines of its report that Schneiderman is a “liberal Democratic champion of women’s rights.”

The Hill‘s Julia Manchester failed to identify Schneiderman’s political affiliation anywhere in her report, which was also posted at MSN and was the report that Facebook linked to on their trending now section.

The Washington Post‘s Marwa Eltagouri and Mark Berman waited until the last paragraph in their report to inform readers that Eric Schneiderman is a Democrat.

Politico‘s Laura Nahmias failed to identify Schneiderman’s political affiliation anywhere in her report.

CNN‘s Sophie Tatum waited until the 12th and final paragraph in her report to inform readers of Schneiderman’s political affiliation. CNN also did not give the story prime placement on their website as the network prioritized a tweet from Trump over the allegations of a top Democrat beating and threatening women.

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CNN’s Brian Stelter also conveniently failed to report Schneiderman’s political affiliation in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter.

The New York Times and the Associated Press both waited until the eighth paragraph in their reports to identify Schneiderman as a Democrat.

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