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Media Banned From Tony Oscar Parties After ‘Preying’ On Hollywood Elites

As Hollywood celebrities gather Sunday to celebrate themselves, at least one group key to keeping the entertainment industry in the headlines these last six months won’t be invited — even to the party they helped set in motion.

According to gossip site Showbiz 411, although a host of high-powered fetes are set to take place Sunday night following the Oscars live broadcast, press are barred from most, if not all, of them, out of a deep-seeded fear that what happens at Hollywood parties won’t stay at Hollywood parties. And in this day and age of media exposure for the sexual harassment many believe runs rampant in the movie industry, big names are taking no chances.

“The studios — Fox Searchlight, Focus/Universal, little A24, Sony Pictures Classics — are so paranoid about sexual harassment claims and other mysterious notions that they banned the press from their parties,” Showbiz 411 reports.

Sources close to the industry seem to believe the ban on press is payback for the months Hollywood spent in the spotlight and stories that exposed the seedy underbelly of the movie industry, taking down major production houses as well as major political operations.

“All season they preyed on us for publicity, and now, not even a canape,” says Showbiz 411.

Unfortunately for many studios, that means some of the big stars are shunning producers’ parties for more exclusive events like the Jay Z- and Beyonce-hosted “Time’s Up” party, which is doing its best to defeat the purpose of the movement by turning it into an excuse to lock out the less overtly woke members of the glitterati.