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The Media — And The Left — Went CRAZY Over Kim Jong Un’s Shade-Throwing Sister

As most Americans refocused their Olympic attention on the competitors Saturday, the media — and the Left — remained completely enamored with a single character from Friday night’s opening ceremonies: Kim Jong Un’s shade-throwing sister, Kim Yo Jong.

The slobbering display was downright painful to watch, as, suddenly, talking heads and media figures who routinely panicked at the mere thought of President Donald Trump overstepping his Constitutional bounds, lavished praised on the sister of a dictator, whose family conducts executions and oversees brutal prison camps.

From major media networks:

To prominent leftists:

Even Michael Moore got in on the worship:

The effect was downright embarrassing, and a shocking reminder of how easy it is to forget — or ignore — real horrors.

Of all media, it was Buzzfeed that stepped in to stop the love parade, issuing a “PSA” to Kim Yo Jong’s newest fans that she is not, in fact, a “shade queen,” but rather a “garbage monster.”

It turns out that Kim Yo Jong is the master of her brother’s “Propaganda and Agitation Department” and the only member of the family allowed to appear on camera with Kim Jong Un. She’s a powerful member of his Cabinet, and as part of the Kim family, she’s responsible for more than a thousand public executions per year as well as the country’s well-known gulag and slave labor operations.

But she threw some side-eye at Vice President Mike Pence, so her crimes are wiped out.

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