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McCaskill’s Husband Punched Ex-Wife’s Sore ‘Cancer Breasts,’ Urinated On Her, Report Says

By  Ryan Saavedra

Joseph Shepard, the husband of Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, was accused by his ex-wife of committing horrifying acts of domestic violence against her, according to a protection order filed against him by his ex-wife.

The newly-discovered allegations could damage McCaskill’s campaign after she opposed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Fox News reported:

In 1993, Shepard’s then-13-year-old daughter called the police to report that her mother, Suzanne Shepard, was a victim of a late-night assault, according to a police report obtained by Fox News. Shepard was listed as the only involved person. No charges were filed after the incident.

Five years later, in 1998, police were called again to the Shepard house. The police reported the wife claiming Shepard came to retrieve a carpet from the house and got involved in a dispute over marital problems. He then “proceeded to grab her right arm and push her,” the incident report read.

The alleged attacked prompted his ex-wife to file “an adult abuse petition for order of protection” against Joseph Shepard in which she documented a disturbing pattern of alleged violence and abusive behavior from her husband.

“I put my hands up to protect my breasts as they are sore (cancer),” Suzanne Shepard wrote. “He has hit me before in the breast. He grabbed my wrist and arm and pushed me up against the wall & I hit my head & back & he bruised my arms by pinching me.”

“I am afraid of respondent and there is an immediate and present danger of abuse or stalking of me,” Suzanne Shepard continued. “He has tripped me, hit me before (police were called by my daughter), punched my cancer breast, peed on me, pushed me down and slapped me.”

Suzanne Shepard also claimed that Joseph Shepard threatened that he would take all of her things and that she would “end up in his low-income housing.”

Fox News also noted that Sugar Creek Realty, a company founded and owned by Joseph Shepard, “was sued in 2009 in federal court for sexual harassment, prompting a campaign by the firm’s lawyers against the accuser.”

Kristin Glemser claimed that she “suffered mental anguish, inconvenience, embarrassment, the loss of the enjoyment of life and loss of employment” after her female boss “allegedly ask[ed] her put on already-worn underwear, follow[ed] her into a restroom, unbutton[ed] her pants without her consent, t[ook] pictures of her in underwear without her consent and forc[ed] her to watch her female boss simulate a sex act with another woman.”

The company dismissed allegations from the accuser and pointed out her previous career as a model, suggesting that the sexual harassment she alleged happened was really not harassment “because her previous career indicated to her colleague that she ‘had no reason’ to not be ‘willing to participate in modeling the [underwear].'”

McCaskill did not respond to numerous requests for comment from Fox News over the report.

The report is just the latest headache that McCaskill is struggling to overcome as journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas recently released undercover sting videos of McCaskill and her campaign staff, who said that McCaskill had certain views that she couldn’t publicly state or she would probably lose the election.

McCaskill responded to the highly-embarrassing videos by demanding that her Republican opponent, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, open a fraud investigation into the videos that were released.

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