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Maxine Waters Interrupts Treasury Secretary’s Answer — 12 Times!

Rep. Maxine Waters is 78, but she acts more like a 5 year old.

During a hearing before the Financial Services Committee on Thursday, she asked Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin a question — then interrupted him 12 times as he tried to answer.

While this video will make you want to punch the screen, here it is in all its glory.

Now, we realize some of you just ate, so we’ll give you the transcript, too.

Mnuchin starts by saying, “I was going to answer that,” but Waters interrupts and says, “Just please, go straight to the answer.”

“Mr. Chairman, I thought when you read the rules, you acknowledged that I shouldn’t be interrupted and that I would have —” Mnuchin says to committee chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling.

“Reclaiming my time,” Waters interrupts. “What he failed to tell you was, when you are on my time, I can reclaim it.”

She demands he answer why he didn’t reply to a May 23 letter she had sent.

“I was going to tell you my response,” Mnuchin says. Waters interrupts, “Just tell me.”

As Mnuchin begins to explain how his department “has cooperated” with congressional committees, Waters bursts in again.

“Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time,” Waters says — just like a 5 year old does!

Mnuchin then says he thought he’d have a chance to answer questions and asks Hensarling about the rules. “Perhaps, Mr. Chairman, I don’t understand the rules.”

But while he was doing so, Waters interrupts again, repeatedly saying, “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”

Hensarling clarifies, saying that the rules he read are how witnesses “should” be treated, “not necessarily the way they will be treated.”

So, Mnuchin tries to answer again. “Uh, what I was saying …” he says, but Waters interrupts again.

“Reclaiming my time,” she says. “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”

Then she calls the Treasury Department secretary a liar. Liar liar pants on fire, said the 5 year old.

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