Matt Walsh, Megyn Kelly Slam U.S. Navy Using Drag Queen Sailor For Recruitment
Matt Walsh Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images/ Megyn Kelly Photo by John Medina/Getty Images
Matt Walsh Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images/ Megyn Kelly Photo by John Medina/Getty Images

Matt Walsh and Megyn Kelly slammed the U.S. Navy for using a drag queen sailor as a “digital ambassador” to attract new recruits.

Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley acted as a “digital ambassador” for the U.S. Navy from October 2022 to March 2023 as part of a program “designed to explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates.”

During “The Matt Walsh Show” podcast on Wednesday, the host said the only pitch that will work to recruit young men to fight for the country and enlist in their military branch is appealing to “masculine energy” not “feminine.”

“Yeoman second class Joshua Kelley, who identifies as non-binary, was appointed as the first of five Navy digital ambassadors in a pilot program that ran from October to March,” Walsh said as he read the report before he played a clip of the drag queen’s performances and joked that the sailor’s “terrifying our enemies.”


The Daily Wire host said throughout history, the number one focus for the military has been “effectively killing the bad guys, killing the enemy.” He said that has been achieved by “being a unit … suppressing your individual priorities and desires,” and this drag queen recruiter is totally opposite of that.

“This not going to reverse that [recruitment] problem. It’s just not going to,” Walsh said. “There really is no way to recruit consistently and reliably and keep the military strong without appealing to masculinity. They could try all these other ways of recruiting. None of it works. The only thing that consistently works is by trying to appeal to men, to young men, to appeal to their sense of duty, their sense of honor, their sense of patriotism.”

“And also appealing to their, at an even kind of baser level, more fundamental level, just their masculine energy, their masculine aggressiveness, channeling,” he added. “You know, the military has always been a way to channel male aggressiveness and violence in a productive and not just productive, but a noble and courageous way.”

“In the military it’s an even higher calling of it’s not a game anymore,” Walsh continued. “It’s about protecting your nation. It’s about patriotism. And that ultimately has to be the pitch really for the military. And if it’s not, if you’re trying to recruit based on feminine, you know, appealing to people’s feminine instincts, it’s not going to work. ”

On Wednesday, the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast host shared similar comments about the situation and asked flat out, “Where’s our men?” She said the Navy missed its recruitment goal in 2022 and is reportedly expected to miss it by 6,000 in 2023.


“I would much rather have a bada** actual woman defending the country or a regular man, that [drag queen sailor] I don’t want defending me,” the former Fox News host said. “I miss our men. I quote him everyday, Christian Walker, ‘bring our men back.’ Where are our men? Where are they?”

“This is not somebody anybody wants in a foxhole with them,” she added. “The Navy has hired him, named him as a Navy digital ambassador. … This is how they think they are going to get new recruits. Now, even in the military, this is why it’s a bridge too far, they want to divide them by identity.”


“This is not the way to improve the Navy’s ridiculous recruiting effort. Fail,” Kelly continued. “They are already way behind. … You don’t understand who you’re trying to recruit.”

Later, Kelly explained that there’s an “unusually high” percentage of those in the trans community who are suffering from “very disturbed thinking” and “issues” and that’s not the kind of “people we want to recruit and give guns to.”

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