Massive Texas National Guard Contingent Arrives In El Paso As Illegals Prepare To Surge
El Paso
John Moore/Getty Images

The Texas National Guard sent a huge number of troops to El Paso overnight to guard the border from the massive influx of illegal immigrants likely to surge there.

The Biden administration was temporarily stifled by the Supreme Court on Monday in its attempt to end Title 42, which was implanted by former President Trump in March 2020 and reportedly deterred immigrants over 2.5 million times. The Biden administration has until 5 p.m. on Tuesday to respond; Title 42 is set to expire at midnight Tuesday night.

On Monday, El Paso Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser declared a state of emergency, noting that “beginning in late August 2022, the El Paso sector experienced a surge of over 2,000 migrants presenting themselves daily to CPB,” adding, “the number of migrants released into the community continues to grow.”

Leeser also warned that an estimated 20,000 migrants in Ciudad Juárez were readying their move across the southern border.

Meanwhile, El Paso City Manager Mario D’Agostino confirmed videos of illegal immigrants climbing through manholes, then running across the border.

Appearing on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott stated bluntly, “If the courts don’t intervene and put a halt of removal to the Title 42 it’s going to be total chaos.”

“There are people across the globe who have a valid, a solid reason to come to the United States, but they can do so legally right now.” Abbott declared. “The people who have the ability to come to the United States illegally get pushed further and further and further back the line every single day with the thousands of illegal immigrants coming across the border.”

“Under state law, the governor has called forth the militia to protect the Texas citizens and in that he has given us arrest authority,” Major General Tom Selzer of the National Guard added.

“Communities like Del Rio and Eagle Pass and others, they are having thousands of people dumped off into their communities, thousands of migrants, dumped off in their communities. They don’t have the capability of dealing with that vast number of migrants,” Abbott pointed out, then targeted President Biden: “It was known from the time that Joe Biden got elected that Joe Biden supported open borders. It is known by the cartels who have sophisticated information whether or not the Biden administration is going to enforce the immigration laws or not is known across the world but most importantly, known among the cartels.”

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