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Marquette Official Reprimanded For Attempt To Sabotage Shapiro Event

The program assistant for Marquette University’s Center for Gender and Sexualities, Chrissy Nelson, who attempted to sabotage Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro’s upcoming speech, has been reprimanded by the center for which she works.

Angelique Harris, the director of the Center for Gender and Sexualities, told Wisconsin Watchdog, “She does not at all speak for the center or for the university. That is not at all what we’re doing at the university because we do feel and do believe in freedom of speech, etc. And so she’s being reprimanded and we’re dealing with her internally.” She added that she had “no idea” who gave Nelson the idea to encourage people to grab the free tickets and then not show up.

Harris concluded, “Again, this is just a staff member posting on social media about stuff that I am not aware of taking place or happening, or that other university officials are aware of either.”

Brian Dorrington, the Marquette’s senior director of communication, told the Marquette Wire, “We have addressed this issue internally and will work to make sure that interested attendees have an opportunity to see Ben Shapiro on February 8.”

Joe Diamond, a Marquette student and the recruitment director for YAF on campus, which is sponsoring the event, stated, “We are pretty confident that those people will be kept out. And then anyone who wanted to get in, that otherwise would not have been able to get in, will be let in.”

Nelson had posted on Facebook, “I just got off the phone with one of the directors of diversity on campus. The suggestion I received and will be promoting is to go the mission week events that day, reserve a seat through eventbrite as a student (to take a seat away from someone who would actually go) and not protest the day of.”