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Marble-Mouthed Pelosi Stumbles Through Speech, Butchering English Language
Man, Nancy Pelosi is really losing it.
The 73-year-old, heavily plastic-surgeried lawmaker from San Francisco has always had that confused look on her face. And she always sounds like she’s barely able to think of the next word she’s about to say. More, she constantly seems as if she’s trying to remember the talking points someone far smarter than her has laid out.
But this time she tops even herself, attaining a new level of embarrassing inanity once only achievable by the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters. Now, we don’t know the wine situation at the dinner she attended, but let’s just say we think the vino flowed.
“Today, the strong moral varse, voice of refugees international…” Pelosi said during a speech to the group.
“With the specter of famine looming in — over northeast Nigeria, Somalia, south Sudon and YYuma — Yamen,” she said, butchering the names of Sudan and Yemen.
The marble-mouthed blundering went on and on, all caught in a great video on The American Mirror.
Normally, we’d compile a big list of other major goofs by the feature character of our article, but Pelosi has so many it’s next to impossible. We’ll just say that term limits are a real idea and we hope we move toward them very soon.