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Man Who Allegedly Called Tucker Carlson’s Daughter Vile Names Is Board Member Of Women’s Group

The man who allegedly called the 19-year-old daughter of Fox News host Tucker Carlson a “whore” and a “f***ing c***” at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, VA, in October just so happens to serve on the Board of Directors of a women’s mental health group called The Women’s Initiative.

As Grace Carr of The Daily Caller noted, The Women’s Initiative had a series of succinct non-responses to the alleged actions of Juan Manuel Granados when The Daily Caller made contact; one employee initially stated, “Sorry, we don’t speak to reporters,” followed by a woman named Elizabeth who echoed, “We’re not offering comment,” then hung up. When The Daily Caller called a third time to ask if Garnados’ alleged actions were in keeping with the group’s values and whether any possible action would be taken in response, a woman named Andrea replied, “I can’t speak to that, but we have no comment at this time.”

The Women’s Initiative website states: “We believe every woman has an innate capacity for healing that, once uncovered and directed, results in better mental and physical health. We believe it is critical to address each woman’s unique emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Carlson recounted the event on Twitter last Sunday, writing:

Toward the end of the meal, my 19-year-old daughter went to the bathroom with a friend. On their way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped my daughter and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson,” Carlson wrote. “She answered, ‘That’s my dad,’ and pointed to me. The man responded, “Are you Tucker’s whore?” He then called her a “f***ing c**t.”

My daughter returned to the table in tears. … My son, who is also a student, went into the bar to confront the man. I followed. my son asked the man if he’d called his sister a “whore” and a “c**t.” The man admitted he had, and again [became] profane. … The club spent more than three weeks investigating the incident. Last week, they revoked the man’s membership and threw him out of the club.”

As RedState pointed out, “Granados is now being represented by America’s favorite attorney, Michael Avenatti.” Avenatti has claimed that Carlson has lied about the incident and that Carlson assaulted Granados.

Carlson replied on Twitter:

I love my children. It took enormous self-control not to beat the man with a chair. … I did not assault this man, and neither did my son. … Nor did I know the man was gay or Latino, not that it would have mattered. What happened on October 13 has nothing to do with identity politics. It was a grotesque violation of decency. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Granados claimed, “I NEVER called any member of his family any names. I never attacked his daughter as Tucker claims. I never called his daughter or son a “c***” or a “whore” or anything approximating that. I certainly never apologized for using those words or admitted to saying them because I never said them. Many witnesses support this fact. Tucker has created this story out of thin air— it never happened.”

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