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Man Urges Rioters To Not Destroy People’s Livelihoods. They Tell Him: We’ll Burn Your Stuff Down Too
A flag flies in front of a department of corrections building after it was set ablaze during a second night of rioting on August 24, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rioting as well as clashes between police and protesters began Sunday night after a police officer shot Jacob Blake 7 times in the back in front of his three children.
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A man stopped to talk to people who were present at a riot in Kenosha on Tuesday night and asked that they not destroy people’s businesses because that was people’s livelihoods. By the time his conversation with the anti-police activists was finished, they were telling him that they would burn his business down.

“What y’all don’t understand is that people have their lives in these businesses too,” a man in a truck pleaded with the activists.

“So what?” a woman yelled back. “We pay for that! We pay for that!”

“So what, just because y’all are too scared to go deal with the cops y’all are just going burn the whole town?” the man responded.

“Yes!” the woman yelled back. “Yes!”

“Yeah and then y’all got maced and s**t like that and y’all took off,” the man responded. “Take your issues up with them,” he said, pointing in the direction of police.

At that point, someone appeared to try to do something to his vehicle because he got out with a baton and warned someone, who could not been seen in the video, to leave his vehicle alone.

The crowd then started screaming at the man that he needed to go.

“Bye, have a nice day,” someone in the crowd said to him in a snarky manner. The person then said something that was hard to hear in the video.

The man responded, “Go ahead, do my business, I don’t give a f**k. Come on up.”

A woman in the crowd then responded: “We’ll burn your stuff down too. We’ll burn it down too.”


The incident happened as Kenosha burned on Tuesday night after an officer-involved shooting over the weekend sparked violent riots. Jacob Blake, a black male, was shot on Sunday afternoon after law enforcement officials responded to a domestic incident.

Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers responded to the shooting by criticizing law enforcement officials, yet at the same time he said that officials did not have all the facts in the case.

The fact-finding website reported that authorities had a warrant out for Blake’s arrest:

According to Wisconsin Circuit Court Access online records, a Jacob S. Blake, same age and with an address in the same exact block where the shooting occurred, had a warrant issued for him on July 7 on pending accusations of misdemeanor criminal trespass to a dwelling with domestic abuse as a modifier; felony third-degree sexual assault with domestic abuse as a modifier; and misdemeanor disorderly conduct with domestic abuse as a modifier. A support action was dismissed, and the only other case that comes up is for not having a driver’s license.

A 2015 story in Racine Eye described how “Racine police say K9 Dozer had to help officers take a man into custody when the man refused to go quietly into custody after he pulled a gun at a local bar.” The man was described as Jacob Blake, 24, of Racine, which makes him the same age as the man shot by police on August 23. The Racine Eye story says he was charged with “one felony count of resisting arrest causing a soft tissue injury to a police officer and one misdemeanor count each of carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, endangering safety-use of a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct.” Those charges don’t show up on the circuit court website though.

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