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A Man In England Tweets About A White Woman In Hijab, Gets Arrested For “Inciting Racial Hatred on Social Media.”

Free speech doesn’t exist in England. You can literally get arrested for a non-threatening “offensive” Facebook post or tweet. On Wednesday, that’s exactly what happened. Metropolitan Police arrested a man named Matthew Doyle in Croydon (UK) for posting this (now deleted) tweet:

The tweet came after Doyle apparently approached a white woman in a hijab and asked her about the Brussel’s bombing.

Here’s a statement by the spokesman for the Metropolitan Police following Doyle’s arrest:

A 46-year-old man was this evening arrested at his home in Croydon on suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media. He has been taken to a south London police station and enquiries continue.

Doyle was accused of “inciting racial hatred on social media.” The idea that you could get arrested for a tweet that doesn’t even come close to calling for violence is absolutely insane, at least by American standards. In England’s dystopian reality, Orwellian justice reigns supreme. The cult of multiculturalism needs its daily human sacrifices.

The craziest part about this whole farce? The woman wasn’t even Arab. “She was white, and British, wearing a hijab – and she told me it was nothing to do with her,” said Doyle. In case it’s still not clear, Islam is not a race; it’s a religion. When the (religious) police charged Doyle with “inciting racial hatred,” they meant that Islam was implicitly beyond criticism. If it means throwing people in jailing and accusing them of racism, so be it.

Doyle’s own recollection of the events is far more innocuous than the police have made it out to be. Here’s Doyle’s account:

I just said: ‘Excuse me, can I ask what you thought about the incident in Brussels?’

She was white, and British, wearing a hijab – and she told me it was nothing to do with her.

I said ‘thank you for explaining that’ – and her little boy said goodbye to me as we went out separate ways.

The entire incident has put a target on Doyle’s back. He is now the victim of a society that worships the gods of political correctness. PC culture needs blood. “On Wednesday afternoon, he says, someone who’s been outraged by his comments ‘turned up at my door, gave me a load of abuse and tried to throw a punch at me,” reports The Telegraph (UK).

Doyle is a successful partner at a south London-based talent and public relations agency. He will likely suffer financial losses and intermittent harassment following his arrest. All of this, for one tweet.