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Making History Star Adam Pally On Time Travel: ‘I’d Have To Kill Trump Or Hitler’

Asked which time period he would visit if there were time travel and whom he would not want to spend time with, Making History star Adam Pally quipped that he would “have to kill Trump or Hitler.”

TMZ caught up to Pally as he was walking in New York City when the following exchange occurred:

TMZ: Based on the time-travel element, how far are we away from actual time travel, would you say?

Pally: I don’t know. Soon. Isn’t Elon Musk working on something like that?

TMZ: Very possibly. Instead of asking what time period do you want to go to, if you could go back and spend an hour with anyone in history, who would you want to spend an hour with? And who would you not want to spend an hour with?

Pally: I’d have to kill Trump or Hitler.

TMZ: You don’t have to go too far back for the Trump thing, then …

Pally, backtracking: Maybe I’d have to go back and love them more.

TMZ: Love them more?

Pally: So they wouldn’t do these things.

It’s bad enough that Pally joked about killing Trump, but the fact that he compared the horrific actions of the Nazi dictator to Trump’s by saying “So they wouldn’t do these things,” is at the very least obnoxious, and more accurately, disgusting.

But that’s Hollywood for you.

Video below:

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