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Luke Skywalker Calls For Blaster Control

By  Chase Stephens

Actor Mark Hamill was thanked on Twitter by the anti-gun group “Everytown For Gun Safety” for his pro gun-control stance. Hamill seems to believe that the root problem of gun violence rests on the shoulders of politicians who haven’t created enough laws against criminal activity as well as forbidding law-abiding citizens from having access to guns.

“Everytown” tweeted their thanks below …

Hamill retweeted them by adding that he’s very pro 2nd Amendment as long as it means that citizens are only allowed to have muskets …

Some argued that the blame goes further than just politicians…

But many others pointed out the error of Hamill’s ways, including his spelling…

Hamill isn’t the only celebrity in the “Everytown” arsenal. The group published the video below in December; it features many Hollywood stars, including actors Kevin Bacon and Julianne Moore repeating the mantra “we can end gun violence”…

No word yet on whether these same folks champion banning cars to prevent drunk driving.

Exit thought by Mark Hamill on what we should do. Spoiler alert: He thinks we should be Australia …

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