Louisville Mayoral Candidate Slams ‘Broken System’ After Shooter Bailed Out By BLM-Associated Fund
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Craig Greenberg, the Democratic Mayoral candidate from Louisville, Kentucky, who was the target of an attempted shooting, reacted to the news that the suspect had been bailed out of jail.

In a statement Thursday, Greenberg called the release of the shooter “nearly impossible to believe,” and slammed the criminal justice system for allowing the shooter to go free. “Our criminal justice system is clearly broken,” Greenberg wrote. “It is nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday. If someone is struggling with a mental illness and is in custody, they should be evaluated and treated in custody. We must work together to fix this system.”

“Sadly, like others who suffer from a broken system, my team and my family have been traumatized again by this news,” Greenberg added. However, he expressed optimism that the Louisville Metro Police Department would handle the investigation properly. “That said, I trust LMPD to carry out this investigation properly so that the individual responsible for trying to kill me will be prosecuted appropriately. Regardless of what leads someone to commit a violent crime, there must be consequences.”

Greenberg called on his supporters and residents of Louisville to work together to “fix this system so it works for everyone and is focused on preventing violent crime from happening.” In the meantime, Greenberg said, “I will remain focused on the urgent work to make Louisville safer, reduce senseless gun violence, and combat the root causes of crime. And, I will lead the effort to invest more in mental health resources in all of our neighborhoods and especially in our jails.”

“[The shooter] and his family are hurting. My family and team are hurting. I pray for everyone involved in this alarming incident,” Greenberg concluded.

Greenberg was attacked Tuesday at his campaign headquarters in what some have called an assassination attempt, as The Daily Wire previously reported. Local news outlets said at the time that the shooter walked up to Greenberg’s HQ, where staff greeted him, before he pulled out a gun and began firing. No one was hurt, but one of the bullets reportedly grazed Greenberg’s sweater. The shooter was identified as a 21-year-old activist and a student at the University of Louisville, with a history of radical racial activism, as well as some alleged mental health issues. He was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment. On Wednesday, a bail fund created by the Louisville chapter of Black Lives Matter posted the $100,000 bail set for the shooter.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) also blasted the shooter’s release. “On Monday, my hometown of Louisville was stunned by what appears to have been an assassination attempt against a Jewish mayoral candidate by a prominent far-left activist who’d previously called for defunding our Police Department,” McConnell said on the floor of the Senate Thursday. “This far-left Black Lives Matter activist and defund-the-police cheerleader walked into a Jewish Democrat’s campaign headquarters and opened fire. Obviously, every aspect of this is still under investigation, including the suspect’s mental condition. But guess what: He’s already been let out of jail. A left-wing bail fund partnered with BLM Louisville to bail him out. … This is just jaw-dropping. The innocent people of Louisville deserve better.”

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