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L’Oreal Picks Hijab-Wearing Model For Hair Campaign. She’s An Insane Israel-Hater.

By  Hank Berrien

On Thursday, Huffington Post UK tweeted their breathless excitement over the new hair campaign launched by the cosmetics company L’Oreal and their new model:

L’Oreal couldn’t have picked a more virulent Israel-hater than Khan; here are some of the vile tweets she has issued targeting Israel:

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Of course, once people noticed that Khan displayed such vitriolic anti-Semitism, the inevitable happened:

L’Oreal may be returning to its roots: it was founded by Eugène Schueller, who during the 1930s helped finance an anti-Semitic group called “La Cagoule.” In his 1941 book, “La révolution de l’économie,” he wrote, “I know full well that we don’t have the chance that the Nazis did, coming to power in 1933. … We don’t have the gift that the Germans had. …We don’t have the faith of national-socialism. We don’t have the dynamism of a Hitler pushing the world.”

As Smithsonian Magazine wrote:

Schueller was also connected with notorious German official Helmut Knochen, the commander of police and security for the SS intelligence service. Actively involved in the deportation of French Jews to the Nazi death camps, Knochen was also responsible for the execution of several thousand French Resistance members and civilian hostages. Interrogated by French intelligence services after the war, he listed Schueller among his “voluntary collaborators.”

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