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L’Oreal Hijab-Wearing Model Leaves Campaign After Hateful Anti-Israel Tweets Revealed

By  Hank

On Monday, the Muslim woman who was a new face for a L’Oreal UK ad campaign for hair care products stated on Twitter that she was exiting the campaign because of the fierce criticism she received for her vitriolic and poisonous tweets she posted in 2014 about the state of Israel.

Amena Khan tweeted:

L’Oreal told The Jerusalem Post it had “recently been made aware” of Khan’s tweets. A representative for L’Oreal stated, “We appreciate that Amena has since apologized for the content of these tweets and the offense they have caused. L’Oreal Paris is committed to tolerance and respect toward all people. We agree with her decision to step down from the campaign.”

Khan had been feted by various outlets for being a hijab-wearing woman who was featured in a hair campaign:

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