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LOL: Watch Bernie Sanders Call Wolf Blitzer ‘Jake’ Five Times In One Interview

By  Chase Stephens

On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders was a guest on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, the only problem, Sanders thought he was on with some guy named Jake.

In the clip (above), hilariously compiled by The Washington Free Beacon, Sanders refers to Wolf as “Jake,” presumably confusing him with fellow CNN host Jake Tapper, no less than five times, even after Wolf calls him on it.

“Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf,” Blitzer said in effort to correct Sanders who had just called him “Jake” for the third time.

“Wolf! I am sorry, Wolf,” Sanders said. “I’m looking at the sign over there.”

But Sanders went on to call him Jake twice more after that. LOL.

The Situation Room’s senior producer, Vaughn Sterling, even tweeted about it:

Some have speculated that when you combine Wolf Blitzer with Jake Tapper you get:

Others have speculated that Sanders was referring to:

No matter which Jake he was referring to, the most important thing is always remember to feed him. (Warning: onion cutting below):

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