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Lindsay Lohan Slams Some #MeToo Accusers As ‘Weak’

In an interview with The Times published on Wednesday, actress Lindsay Lohan, 32, who has had a rather checkered career since she rocketed to stardom at the age of 12 in “The Parent Trap,” had a few words for some women who claim they have been sexually harassed: “it makes them look weak.”

Lohan decried what she called the “attention-seekers,” asserting, “If it happens at that moment, you discuss it at that moment. You make it a real thing by making it a police report. I’m going to really hate myself for saying this, but I think by women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak when they are very strong women. You have these girls who come out, who don’t even know who they are, who do it for the attention. That is taking away from the fact that it happened.”

During the filming of “The Canyons,” Lohan was supposed to do a nude scene, but she resisted the idea. That prompted director Paul Schrader to take off his clothes. The Times writes, “At first, Lohan shrieked, then slipped off her robe. The scene was filmed in a single 14-minute take.”

Fox News noted, “The actress defended Harvey Weinstein when allegations of sexual assault first emerged against the disgraced movie mogul. In since-deleted Instagram Stories, Lohan said she felt ‘very bad’ for Weinstein and said she doesn’t ‘think it’s right what’s going on.’”

In the Times interview, Lohan spoke of the beach house she had opened in Mykonos, Greece, describing it as a business she started to get even with a former lover, stating, “I was on this beach when I turned 30. I was leaving an ex. I said to him, like, point blank, ‘You watch. I will own this beach one day.’ It was a kind of termination. Now, two years later, it’s Lohan.”

She added, “I had a fight with my ex on this very beach. What did I do? Nothing. I just took over the beach. The best revenge is success, right?”

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