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Limbaugh: After Trump’s Blockbuster Rally In Florida, Biden Wakes Up To Some More Bad News

Rush Limbaugh has long pointed to Donald Trump’s unmatched ability to draw massive crowds and inspire overwhelming enthusiasm at his rallies as evidence of not only his strong connection with many Americans but his strong chances of winning in November. It proved true in 2016, and Limbaugh suggests Trump supporters have very good reason to feel optimistic about 2020.

On his radio program Wednesday, Limbaugh spent some time analyzing the stunning campaign launch of Trump Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida, for which many supporters waited in line for dozens of hours to attend. Over the last 24 hours, the current Democratic frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden, said Limbaugh, has been hit with some troubling developments: Trump’s blockbuster rally, his opponent-crushing fundraising numbers, and polls showing the president “surging” in key states.

“Imagine if you’re Joe Biden last night,” said Rush (transcript via “You’re Joe Biden last night, and your advisers come in, and they say, ‘Joe, don’t sweat it, don’t sweat anything that happened last night. What happened last night doesn’t mean anything, Joe. The debates are the only thing that matter, Joe, and you’re gonna wipe the floor with this guy, Joe. You’re gonna wipe the floor about him in the debates, and you got the big money behind you, Joe. You got fundraisers, you’re setting records all over. Joe, don’t sweat this stuff last night.'”

But then came a tweet from Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel early Wednesday morning: “Donald Trump has raised a record-breaking $24.8 million in less than 24 hours for his reelection,” she announced. “The enthusiasm across the country for this president is unmatched, unlike anything we have ever seen.”

As The Daily Wire noted, Trump’s single day fundraising number is more “than all of the Democratic 2020 contenders raised in the first quarter of 2019.” Thus far, the current Democratic fundraising leader, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has raised $18 million total, about three-quarters of what Trump raised in a day. In second place, with just $12 million, is California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Then there’s the polling data, for which Limbaugh turned to a piece from the The Daily Wire providing details from a new poll showing Trump “surging in battleground states.” A few highlights from the report (formatting adjusted):

The Firehouse-Optimus poll, conducted from June 11-13, shows Trump with a tremendous surge in Pennsylvania; Biden had an eight-point lead in March that has narrowed to a scant one-point lead. The Trump “base” in Pennsylvania has a huge lead over the Democratic “base.” Trump’s stands at 42%, dwarfing the Democrats’, which is at 24%. … Since March, Biden’s lead over Trump in Wisconsin has shrunk from 12 percentage points to six. The Trump “base” in Wisconsin, according to the poll, rests at 37%; the Democratic “base” stands at 32%. Trump’s approval rating has risen from 41% to 44% since March. In Michigan, where the Trump “base” is 39% and the Democratic base rests at 32%, Trump and Biden were tied in March; Biden now holds a slim three-point lead, leaving them in a statistical dead heat.

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Limbaugh also cites a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee Eddie Rendell telling Fox News that he’s warning his Democrat pals to “ignore these polls that show us beating Trump in a landslide,” because he’s “seen those before.” The polls are effectively meaningless at this point, he suggested, as the 2016 election cycle demonstrated.

As an example of the media reaction to Trump’s massive rally, Rush provided a clip of CNN’s Chris Cuomo nervously admitting that “size does matter” and asking Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar “one simple question”: “Why don’t the Democrats pack stadiums the way this president does?”

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