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Liberals Flock To Defend Abortionist Grilled Over The Handling Of Aborted Baby Body Parts
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Liberal lawmakers and media members flocked to defend an abortionist grilled by Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy on Wednesday regarding her abortion procedures and the disposal of fetal remains.

Roy asked Yashica Robinson, an abortionist who is the medical director of Alabama Women’s Center and serves on the board of directors of Physicians for Reproductive Health, “Miss Robinson, I’m going to ask you a question, when is the latest that you have performed an abortion in terms of weeks, of the unborn child?”

“Yes, my name is Dr. Robinson,” the abortionist responded, “And I provide abortion care in Alabama-”

“What is the answer to the question, the latest that you have performed an abortion?” asked Roy. “That’s a number, weeks.”

“I’m going to answer your question,” she said. “Unfortunately my state is one of those states that has passed restrictions or bans on abortion care, which limits physicians like myself-”

“In other words, you would like to do it later,” interrupted Roy. “What is the latest you have performed an abortion?”

“So since I will always follow the law, and I live in the state of Alabama, I provide abortion care up until 20 weeks gestational age,” she responded.

“Ok so you performed an abortion at 20 weeks,” Roy asked. “The procedure for an abortion, when we are talking about 20 weeks, as I understand it, is dilation and extraction, have you performed abortions at that stage and in doing so have you had baby parts that you have had to discard or store in some capacity? … Legs, arms, eyes?”

“One of the things that you all have done throughout this hearing is just use inflammatory language,” she began to tell the congressman.

“Ma’am, it is a simple question,” he told her. “Have you had human parts, baby parts, arms, legs, as a result of an abortion performed, at the time you just acknowledged you perform abortions, 20 weeks?”

“I am a physician and a proud abortion provider, there is nothing that you can say that makes it difficult for me to talk about the care that I provide,” she responded.

Liberal critics widely condemned Roy for interrupting Robinson and celebrated her reminder to the congressman that she has the word “doctor” as her title.

Mediaite framed its coverage of the story around Robinson’s “my name is Dr. Robinson” response to Roy.

“My life goal is to have the inner calm of this lady,” tweeted broadcaster Soledad O’Brien.

“Black women have to remain calm under pressure,” tweeted Democratic Wisconsin Rep. LaKeshia Myers. “Chip Roy was out of line. But, we’ve all seen this before.”

“I just saw a video of Chip Roy screaming at a doctor about ‘baby parts,'” The Atlantic writer Molly Jong-Fast tweeted.

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