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Liberal Activist Smears James Woods On Twitter. Woods Shreds Him.

A man who has a long history of making what appear to be baseless accusations against conservative Hollywood icon James Woods got what was coming to him Wednesday night.

Liberal activist Jesse Berney, who formerly was with the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign, accused Woods of being a cocaine addict on Twitter. Woods was not amused.

The incident started when Berney attacked Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter, calling him a “malignant potato” because of his views on socialism. Woods corrected Berney’s statement regarding socialism, and that is when the fireworks started.

Berney responded to Woods’ tweet, accusing him of being a cocaine addict.

Things escalated quickly from there.

Then Woods dropped the bomb on Berney.

A review of Berney’s Twitter account revealed that he has not only accused Woods of having a cocaine problem in the past but has also publicly accused Woods of being a racist, labeling him a white supremacist — an accusation for which he offered no evidence and which Woods’ past statements on race on Twitter seem to disprove.

Apparently, Berney even knew it was a bad idea to accuse Woods of being a cocaine addict, yet he did it anyway.