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Lena Dunham: ‘5 Scenarios Where It’s A-ok To GEBTP (Grab ‘Em By The P—y…)

Warning: Graphic Language

Actress and writer Lena Dunham, most known for work on the HBO series Girls, just released a series of illustrations expanding on Donald Trump’s now-notorious audio from 2005 in which he’s bragging to host Billy Bush about how when you’re a celebrity, women will let you do anything, including grabbing them in their genitals.

Dunham, who made headlines with her autobiography that included graphic details of inappropriate sexual behavior with her younger sister, wrote on her Instagram account Tuesday that she and a friend had come up with “5 scenarios where it’s A-ok to GEBTP (grab ’em by the pussy…),” telling her followers, “Let’s heal this Trump wound/subvert his words for ourselves, ladies.”

In the full 5-panel illustration at, Dunham begins in the first panel showing two women dressed up at a party with a picture of a vagina in a painting behind them. The caption reads:

A woman named Pussy is hosting a fancy cocktail party to celebrate her husband’s retirement. Her best friend from childhood, Bunny, shows up in an effort to make peace after a terrible fight at the country club. Pussy is wearing three strands of pearls and refuses to speak to Bunny. She simply walks away, so a desperate Bunny grabs Pussy. “Pussy, we must talk!”

Another panel shows a girl running down the street after her cat. A vagina is drawn on the tree behind the girl. The caption reads:

A teenage girl is chasing her cat Henrietta down Main Street. Henrietta has run away for the millionth time because she is a bad cat! The teenage girl is wearing high-heeled Timberland’s like J. Lo wore in the “Jenny From the Block” video so she can’t run very fast at all. She sees a nice, non-threatening businessman in a air of maroon New Balance. “Sir, would you please run and grab my pussy!?”

The post concludes by stating, “Lena Dunham thinks all this pussy talk caused her second period in two weeks, and she is not pleased.”

Dunham told that Trump’s comment’s were “shocking,” adding, “Those comments aren’t just about women — they were about everyone whose body is treated like the property of other people.”

“To hear someone in a position of power, in the race for the highest office in the land, to say something that is so distinctly violent, and so distinctly abusive — I think it creates a lot of fear and a lot of sort of pain in the public consciousness that we’re going to be dealing with for a long time.”

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