Legacy Media Acknowledges Drazan’s Ascent In Oregon Governor Race
Virginia Governor Youngkin Joins Republican Candidate For Governor Christine Drazan On The Campaign Trail AURORA, OR - OCTOBER 18: Republican gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan greets her constituents during a rally on October 18, 2022 in Aurora, Oregon. Drazan was joined by Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin to help drum up support in a hotly contested gubernatorial race in Oregon, a state that has not elected a Republican governor since 1982. (Photo by Mathieu Lewis-Rolland/Getty Images) Mathieu Lewis-Rolland / Stringer
Photo by Mathieu Lewis-Rolland/Stringer/Getty Images

The legacy media is starting to acknowledge the increasing popularity of Christine Drazan, the Republican Oregon gubernatorial candidate who is leading in the polls and could win the race, which would make her the first Republican to win the Oregon governor’s seat in 40 years.

“From the beginning of this campaign, my focus has been on the issues that matter most to Oregonian families, not the priorities of career politicians and insiders,” Drazan told The Daily Wire.

“We’re forging a new direction in Oregon to make our state more affordable, take back our streets from violent criminals, and help the homeless,” she added. “We have the momentum and we will win this race if every Oregonian who wants change for our state votes by November 8.”

Drazan shares the field with former Democratic Speaker of the Oregon House Tina Kotek, as well as unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson, who used to serve in the legislature as a Democrat.

Drazan has campaigned heavily on problems Oregonians are facing in the state, such as surging crime, homelessness, poor education numbers, and the effects of intense COVID lockdowns.


She has effectively connected Kotek to current Democratic Governor Kate Brown and her failing policies, highlighting the years of single-party power in Oregon. Brown is extremely unpopular in the state. On Friday, Drazan’s campaign released a new ad pointing out that Kotek voted with Brown “99% of the time.”

The legacy media is now reporting on the close nature of the race, and Drazan’s potential win, all while still pointing to “alt-right” reasons.

Vox recently reported that “Republicans just might eke out a victory” in the Oregon gubernatorial election this season due to various factors. The article points to “alt-right extremists” who are a part of the Oregonian electorate, as well as a recent $1 million donation from Nike co-founder Phil Knight to Drazan’s campaign. The outlet discussed climate concerns of a Drazan victory, but Drazan is not against conservation.

Last month, she told The Daily Wire, “Oregon has an ethic of conservation. It’s just built into our DNA, as Oregonians, we love living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Oregon’s commitment to clean air and water and sound use of our lands has really marked our state for generations.”

“We need to enter into an era of all options need to be on the table. We can’t abandon natural gas. We need to continue to allow innovation to develop renewable natural gas and for that to be something that is more prevalent in the marketplace,” she added.

The Guardian reported that “a Republican could win the governor’s seat in Oregon” for the first time in over four decades. The outlet pointed to Brown’s wildly low approval ratings, with a Morning Consult poll showing Brown receiving the lowest approval numbers of any governor.

Earlier this month, CNN included Oregon in its list of states where “[d]emocrats are facing stiff battles for governor.” The outlet largely blamed Johnson for the close race since she could attract voters.

The race has even brought high-profile figures such as President Joe Biden and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to the state. Youngkin secured a win in last year’s Virginia gubernatorial race largely on the topic of education, which Drazan has also communicated.

Steve Pedery of environmental PAC Oregon Wildlife Conservation Leaders Fund, told Vox that Drazan’s victory could become an example for other Republicans in Democratic states. “If this works in Oregon, it can be replicated,” he said.

FiveThirtyEight’s forecast has Drazan at a 50% chance of winning. This summer, election forecasting platforms began to shift the race from a Democratic victory to a potential Republican win.

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