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Leftists Mock Ivanka Trump With ‘Unwanted Ivanka’ Meme After First Daughter Shows Up At G20

By  Emily Zanotti

First Daughter Ivanka Trump has earned the scorn of Twitter leftists for daring to take part in the G20 trade summit last week in Osaka, Japan, inspiring an “#UnwantedIvanka” hashtag meant to suggest that Ivanka is unqualified for her role as a senior adviser in her father’s administration.

The mockery started last week after a French media outlet released a clip of the First Daughter apparently injecting herself into a discussion between world leaders, according to The Hill. The exchange was awkward-seeming (though not nearly as awkward as the Brazilian president denying a handshake to Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau), and immediately set off the Left, eager to criticize the First Daughter for taking up a spot they believe might have been better left to some other aide.

Starting Sunday, leftists piled on to the “#UnwantedIvanka” meme, photoshopping the First Daughter into a handful of historical events, looking as awkward as possible.

She also ended up drawing criticism from some of the Left’s favorite elected officials: Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who both questioned how Ivanka fit into the G20 summit.

As The Daily Wire reported Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez got crushed for suggesting that Ivanka Trump might be “unqualified” for her role in helping to negotiate global trade agreements, as Ocasio-Cortez’s primary qualification for elective office appears to be time spent in the service industry (though Ocaiso-Cortez also held a handful of low-level political positions and was a progressive activist before being recruited for office by the Justice Democrats).

Oddly enough, though, Ivanka Trump isn’t “merely” the president’s daughter, nor simply a legacy hire of the Trump Organization, where she worked previous to becoming an administration adviser. Ivanka Trump is well known for leading a global fashion and accessories company that negotiated regularly with at least 18 of the 20 G20 countries.

Before her fashion company folded in 2018 — the stress of maintaining contact with her global brand and serving as an administration big-wig apparently proved too much, and keeping the financial obligations of a major corporation separate from her White House role too complicated — Trump held trademarks in 18 of the 20 countries and oversaw the sourcing, manufacture, and shipping of goods from Asia to the United States.

In fact, leftists were often quick to criticize both Ivanka and her father for their close, personal relationship with some of the most powerful business entities in countries like China, the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere, and in some cases, have pursued claims against the White House to end any “profit” or benefit that the various Trump-related companies might see from President Donald Trump’s role as the leader of the free world.

But when it becomes a question of whether Ivanka Trump is “qualified” for a role at a global trade conference, history gets a little fuzzy for the Left, apparently.

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