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Leftist Site Mashable Makes Smug Video Teaching Protesters How To Topple Statues
Mashable during SXSW at Austin Convention Center on March 9, 2018 in Austin, Texas.
Photo by Hubert Vestil/Getty Images for SXSW

On Wednesday, the leftist site Mashable released a smug video with instructions for protesters on how to topple statues and monuments.

In the video, Mashable reporter Morgan Sung commences her pitch by preaching, “Right now, we’re living through a societal revolution against racism in almost every form. Part of that reckoning also involves acknowledging that a lot of our historical figures, regardless of their legacy, were pretty damn racist. That’s why, in addition to joining protests, a lot of people are also calling for the removal of statues of slave owners and other racist figures …”

After citing Camden, New Jersey, where the city voted to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus, and Albany, New York, where the city took down a statue of Revolutionary War General Philip Schuyler, Sung continues, “But in other places where lawmakers aren’t budging on this issue, people are just taking matters into their own hands.” She smirks, “Obviously, we’re not telling you to commit any crimes, and we can’t tell you to deface any property, but we thought it’d be interesting to look at a purely hypothetical way to safely remove a statue.”

Sung then references Sarah Parcak, a professor of anthropology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who won a $1 million TED Prize for 2016 and recently ignited a firestorm when she posted a Twitter thread issued a Twitter thread with specific instructions on how to destroy a monument or statue. Sung raves, “She has over 20 years of field experience” before offering some tips, including “Use chains, not rope,” “It’s also important that everyone wears gloves,” and “most importantly,” to stay a “safe distance away from the statue.” Another pro-tip: “Use a really upbeat song.” Another profound tip, and stated in a language that leftist protesters are familiar with: “Get the f*** out of the way.”

Sung concludes joyfully, “So start those petitions and get them to your city council But if all else fails, bottoms up, baby!”

Ironically, Parcak has stated that her work was also devoted to preventing looting and destruction of ancient sites, boasting, “Archaeology is experiencing significant challenges right now due to ISIL (ISIS), economic crises, and drops in tourism. Looting and site destruction are global problems. We have a tough road ahead, and one key will be developing more collaborations using new technologies like satellite imagery. I am one of many people documenting damage and looting at ancient sites from space — it is such a crucial tool.”

In her Twitter thread that appeared to target a monument in Birmingham, Alabama, Parack stated, “WATCH THAT SUMBITCH TOPPLE GET THE %^&* OUT OF THE WAY IT WILL SMASH RUN AWAY FROM DIRECTION. Then celebrate. Because #BlackLivesMatterand good riddance to any obelisks pretending to be ancient Egyptian obelisks when they are in fact celebrating racism and white nationalism.”

Video below:

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