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Leftist Journo Triggered After Gary Oldman Thanks ‘Racist, War Criminal’ Winston Churchill

A journalist for the U.K.’s Independent found himself seething Sunday night after Gary Oldman won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Winston Churchill in the film, “Darkest Hour,” and had the nerve to thank Winston Churchill himself.

Immediately after Oldman left the stage, Ryan John Butcher, hopelessly triggered, expressed his frustration at Churchill, calling the man whose leadership in World War II likely helped to save western civilization, a “war criminal” and a “racist.”

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Lest it be said that we were glossing over history by ignoring some of Churchill’s less noble moments, the World War II prime minister, who was well known for speaking his mind, made regrettable remarks about the Indian uprising, including that he “hated” Indians.

But most people recognize that Churchill’s hot temper was a small price to pay for his leadership during World War II, facing down the Nazis even as most of his countrymen — and particularly those in power — contemplated turning the U.K. over to Adolf Hitler. Oldman’s performance depicts Churchill’s first days on the job, where he fought that precise uphill battle with no support from anyone.

Fortunately, Twitter is full of amateur history scholars with a better grasp on Churchill than Mr. Butcher, and Butcher was quickly schooled.

Butcher has since made his account private.