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Left-Wing Groups Team Up To Take Down Laura Ingraham

By  James Barrett

In an op-ed for The Daily Wire Friday, Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro argues that the campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham has “nothing to do with decency” and “everything to do with politics.” A closer look at who is promoting the so-far-successful boycott effort against her advertisers reveals some familiar names from the progressive end of the political spectrum: Media Matters and Think Progress.

The campaign to take down Ingraham all stems from a tweet the host issued on Wednesday in which she described Parkland gun control activist David Hogg as “whining” about getting rejected by four California colleges. Though Hogg has repeatedly attacked his political foes in far more incendiary ways, even prompting CNN to call his rhetoric “unnecessarily provocative,” Hogg responded to the mildly critical tweet by calling for a boycott campaign against Ingraham’s advertisers, a boycott he has since doubled down on despite Ingraham apologizing for her initial tweet.

The boycott effort has already successfully stripped Ingraham of at least eight advertisers, including insurance company Liberty Mutual, which caved to the pressure on Friday. Part of the reason for that success is the high-profile involvement of influential left-wing organizations.

Media Matters For America, which its Clinton ally founder David Brock has openly described as waging a prolonged “war” on Fox News, sprang to action to embolden and aid fellow progressive activists. MMFE President Angelo Carusone has effectively dedicated his Twitter account over the last few days to taking down Ingraham. Here are some of his tweets, in which he provides a list of Ingraham advertisers and instructions to activists targeting the Fox News host:

And here is Carusone celebrating the victories over Ingraham’s advertisers:

As for Think Progress, a project of the progressive activist organization Center for American Progress Action Fund, its founder and editor, Judd Legum, has likewise dedicated a whole lot of time over the last couple of days to trying to keep the anti-Ingraham momentum going. A few examples of his tweets:

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