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Left Goes Nuts Over Reports Pence Will Only Eat Alone With His Wife. As Opposed To Clinton, Who Would Only Eat Alone With Any Woman Who Wasn’t.

By  Hank Berrien

So it turns out that Vice-President Mike Pence actually loves and respects his wife so much that he doesn’t want to place himself in a position that could reflect badly on his marriage, and that makes the Left nuts. A Washington Post profile of Karen Pence, who is an advocate for art therapy, mentioned a 2002 piece in The Hill that reported Mike Pence never ate alone with a woman other than his wife and that he would not attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.

Cue the Leftists:

New York Magazine:

But thanks to a write-around profile of her in the Washington Post, we now know exactly how close she is to her husband. The answer? Very, very close. The two are almost always at each other’s side, and while Karen Pence has a rule against chiming in on public policy, she ultimately serves as the “gut check” and “prayer warrior” for the VP. For his part, Mike Pence is also very, very committed to ensuring that there’s never even the slightest appearance of impropriety with regards to his marriage. To achieve such a feat, Pence reportedly won’t have dinner alone with a woman who is not his wife; he also won’t attend any events where alcohol is served unless Karen is by his side. Suddenly the “mother” makes a lot more sense.


Pity the poor soul who tries to come between Vice President Mike Pence and his “mother,” or rather, his wife, Karen. Thick as prayer-loving, Bible-studying thieves, the two are so close “you can’t get a dime between them,” as one official is quoted saying in the Washington Post’s new piece on the beguiling second lady, published Tuesday… You’ve likely already heard about him allegedly calling her mother,the gold cross engraved with the word “Yes,” and the hollowed-out bread proposal… The article cited a 2002 story in the Hill in which Mike Pence said that “he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either.” … this kind of thinking does point toward a pretty radically retrograde mindset on the part of its adherents, one that doesn’t respect women as humans with thoughts and skills to contribute but rather sees them primarily as sexual temptations… We knew that Trump’s administration is one of the most male-heavy in recent history. Now we know that may not be a coincidence, what with men at constant risk of temptation. All the art therapy in the world can’t fight man’s animal nature, apparently.

The Pences are likely following the Billy Graham rule. Graham vowed “never to meet, eat, or travel alone with a woman other than his wife, a strategy to protect his marriage and to avoid even the appearance of an inappropriate relationship.” That code of conduct is far older than Graham; Jewish law has stated for millennia that men and women are forbidden from being alone together in a secluded location unless they are married to each other or are close family members.

Of course the Left mocks the Pences’ devotion to each other. Just because attitudes like that have strengthened marriages for millennia is no reason not to upset the apple cart of moral tradition.

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