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Video Exposes Hillary Camp, Dem Operatives: Paying For Access, Accepting Foreign Donations, Collusion

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Wednesday, investigative journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released their latest undercover video exposing the well-connected Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic operatives accepting shady foreign donations, engaging in pay-for-access schemes and bragging about, once again, illegal collusion.

“In the effort to prove the credibility of the undercover donor featured in the videos and to keep the investigation going, Project Veritas Action made the decision to donate twenty thousand dollars to Robert Creamer’s effort. Project Veritas Action had determined that the benefit of this investigation outweighed the cost,” reads the caption of the Project Veritas video. “And it did. In an unexpected twist, AUFC president Brad Woodhouse, the recipient of the $20,000, heard that Project Veritas Action was releasing undercover videos exposing AUFC’s activities. He told a journalist that AUFC was going to return the twenty thousand dollars. He said it was because they were concerned that it might have been an illegal foreign donation. Project Veritas Action was pleased but wondered why that hadn’t been a problem for the month that they had the money.”

Creamer, who resigned from Americans United For Change (AUFC) in the wake of the second Project Veritas video release, is caught bragging about his connections to the Hillary Clinton campaign once again, as he did in prior videos, which is in violation of FEC regulations. He also engages in discussions with an undercover reporter about accepting donations for access to Hillary Clinton herself.

As relayed on video, AUFC accepts a $20,000 “donation” from the undercover journalist, accessed via an offshore bank in Belize. Oddly enough, AUFC president Brad Woodhouse reportedly returned the cash only when he heard Project Veritas was releasing their undercover videos, claiming that he was concerned it might have been an “illegal foreign donation.” This prompted O’Keefe to inquire: Why hadn’t the donation “been a problem for the month that they had the money?”


O’Keefe has released three videos prior to this latest taped corruption. In Project Veritas’ first explosive video release, O’Keefe uncovered potentially illegal coordination among the scandal-ridden Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton super PACs and the Hillary campaign to pay agitators to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies, in order to feed the narrative that Trump supporters are nasty, violent people and that Trump is toxic. Black hat operatives even disturbingly bragged about paying the mentally ill to incite violence.

In the wake of this video, Democratic operative Scott Foval was fired.

In the second video, O’Keefe exposed Democrats, in their own words, “rigging” elections in favor of their party for the last 50 years via coordinated voter fraud. Operatives such as the now-fired Foval boasted about renting cars or buying them at auctions for illegal voters to use at different states’ polling sites to carry out the fraud. If there’s “no bus,” asserted Foval, “you can’t prove conspiracy.”

Hillary Clinton campaign official Robert Creamer resigned in the wake of the video’s release.

In O’Keefe’s third video release, now-resigned Democratic operative Bob Creamer directly implicates Hillary in FEC violations. Hillary apparently wanted to build the narrative that Republican nominee Donald Trump was “ducking” his taxes, prior to Trump’s leaked tax returns. So the former secretary of state allegedly thought of the plan to put “ducks on the ground,” or in this case, grown adults (Foval included, by his own admission) dressed as ducks attending Trump and vice president nominee Mike Pence events.

“In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground,” admits Creamer in the undercover footage. “So, by God, we would get ducks on the ground.”

O’Keefe promises more damning videos to come.

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