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KNOWLES: Why The Left’s Arguments About Gender Make No Sense

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles debunks progressive talking points regarding gender and sex, establishing the truth behind the terms. Video and partial transcript below:

Gender is not a scientific term. Gender was a term that was never applied to human beings in popular culture until about the 1960s. Gender was a term that was applied to language. You have gendered language, not so much in English, but in other languages. So, for instance, “Latino” has a masculine gender. Latina has a feminine gender. “Pizza,” the Italian word pizza, it ends in an “A” and it’s got a female gender. “Pranzo,” which is the Italian word for lunch, it ends in an “O” and it’s got a male gender. Gender is a language term.

The entire purpose of the Left making gender into a description of people is to undermine science. It’s to separate sex from gender. You hear this all the time. I talk to conservatives all the time on campuses around the country. I think even many conservatives believe this. They believe that there is a difference between sex and gender. In their defense, this is what they’re taught in classrooms. This is what kids are now taught from kindergarten all the way through college or graduate school. The thing is there is no difference between sex and gender.

Even conservatives fall into this trap. We buy the leftist premise that there is a difference between gender and sex. Or, if we don’t, maybe we don’t want to grant that premise, but we try to argue about it scientifically. There is no scientific argument for it. I’ve talked to so many left-wingers about this. They can never answer the ultimate questions.

Here’s how the argument goes. This is what the Left says. They say, sex is biological, but gender is not biological. It’s a social construct. It’s psychological and not physical and not the same as sex. But if gender is just a social construct; if it’s just sort of a choice, then people should choose to make their gender conform to their biological sex, right? If you can just kind of choose your gender and it’s just a matter of your personal will. Then if you’re biologically a man but you identify as a female, and that’s just a choice, then you should just choose to identify as a male. That’s much easier than going through all this awful surgery, mutilating yourself, and changing every single bathroom in the country, right? Of course.

But then what the gender ideologues will say is, it’s not quite like that. Sex is in the body, the chromosomes, the genitals, etc. but gender is in the brain and you can’t change your brain. Well, except then that means that gender is biological. Then it’s not a difference of biological and not biological because the brain is part of the body. The brain is probably the most important part of the body. So, then you have to conclude sex and gender are both biological. So how can your biology be both male and female?

How can your biology be both, you are a man and a woman? Except in the exceedingly rare case where there is some confusion in chromosomes or in genitals which is not what transgender ideologues are talking about. How can it be both one thing and not that thing?

So this is what they’re coming around to now. This is the new stage of gender ideology and it’s where you hear phrases like “biologically female penises.”

I had a gender activist tell me once at the University of Michigan, “Yes, of course, there can be biologically female penises. And of course, there can be biologically male uteruses.” “Biological” because they want the language of science. But if that is the case then the words male and female, the words man and woman have no meaning. Because the word “male” in that case can refer to either male or female. The word “man” can refer to either man or woman and vice versa. It’s not that you’re even changing the definition of the word so much as you’re just getting rid of the words altogether.

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