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KNOWLES: Uber Driver Who Refuses To Drive Woman To Abortion Gets Fired

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On Wednesday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles discusses an Uber driver who was fired after he refused to take a woman to an abortion clinic in upstate New York. The customer has also threatened to sue him for damages. Transcript and video below.

What went wrong here? Everything. Everything about this story is wrong. The most important aspect, the most glaring aspect is that we treat abortion as though it’s calling an Uber. I mean, in this case, she’s literally treating an abortion like it’s getting an Uber. You hear politicians talk about abortion on demand, frivolous abortion, abortion as birth control. She’s literally treating abortion as though she’s calling an Uber. She’s conflating the two. She’s saying that if you, Uber driver, don’t drive me to the abortion, you’re denying my rights. You’re denying my constitutional right to an abortion. I don’t know where in the Constitution that right exactly exists, but she’s saying that he’s denying her rights.

The other aspect is that we treat people as inconveniences rather than as human beings. We treat people as though the only value that they have is value as it relates to us. Obviously, that’s the case of this baby. The woman has a baby, she’s pregnant, she wants to kill it. No regard to the value of her child. No regard to its humanity. Only because it’s inconvenient that she become a mother now. She spoke to the media and said, I’m twenty years old and I’m not ready to become a mother and I’m not ready to care of a child, so I’m going to kill it.

Well, it’s not all about you. It’s not all about your ability to care for a child. You can give the child up for adoption. A lot of people in this country want to adopt babies… Do that. No, it’s just about her. How about the Uber driver? This guy, she calls on him, asks him to perform a service, and he then finds out the reality of the service and says he doesn’t want to do it. And then she gets him fired. She gets him to lose his job and now she wants to take his money. She’s trying to sue him.

How about the boyfriend? How about this dirtbag boyfriend who knocks up his girlfriend, then tells her to go get an abortion, then doesn’t go with her to get the abortion, then she gets held up and she can’t get a ride to get the abortion. What does he do? He finally picks up the phone and says, “Oh, you have to let them know you’ll be late! You better make sure they don’t cancel your abortion appointment because that would be really inconvenient to me if you don’t kill my child. Come on, go do it, take care of it, what are you bothering me for?”

Same thing, this woman is treating this guy not as a boyfriend, not as a husband, not as someone she’s in love with. She’s buying into the feminist lie that our sexual relations between each other are just totally casual. It doesn’t matter. I know he knocked me up, but he has no responsibility for the baby. No, I know, I shouldn’t have even bothered to call him. That was probably wrong of me. I’m imposing on him.

And then, we’re treating people as bigots for not indulging our fantasies and our desires. We’re treating this Uber driver as though he’s somehow bigoted because he won’t indulge this woman’s fantasy that her baby isn’t really a baby. That the baby that she’s explicitly going to kill somehow isn’t alive.

Or that the offspring that she has begotten, somehow isn’t human. It’s like a platypus or something. It’s probably like algae or a goldfish or something, right? No, it’s obviously a living human baby. It’s her baby. This Uber driver realizes that. She’s pretending that it’s not her baby. And then she’s calling him a bigot because he won’t indulge in that fantasy or that desire.

When we talk about the questions of religious liberty, if this is not the religious liberty case, what is? It’s a man saying, I politely would like to refrain from helping to kill a baby. This woman is using the force of corporate America and is trying to use the force of the state to compel him to participate in killing a baby. Corporate America is already doing this. Corporate America has already totally destroyed his religious liberty. Totally gone over his rights. Uber fired him in a second. Oh, you won’t drive a woman to go kill a baby? You won’t contribute to that act? Okay, you’re done. I don’t care why you object to it, you’re just a bigot. Now she’s trying to go to the government and say, I want damages. I want him to pay me because he wouldn’t help me kill my baby. How vindictive. How vindictive is this? This you notice not just on the question of abortion; you see it all through out the country. We are so vindictive to people who don’t affirm the fantasies that we hold, who don’t affirm the desires that we have? We are so vindictive.

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