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KNOWLES: Maybe All Pride Parades Are Wrong

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Gay Pride Parade NYC 2013.
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On Tuesday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles talks about how straight pride parades are just as ridiculous as gay pride parades. Video and partial transcript below:

So what actually happened at the straight pride parade? You had 200 straight pride marchers. You had thousands of protesters. Thirty-six Antifa leftist thugs get arrested and charged, a bunch of officers assaulted. So just right here, just in those numbers, this exposes one of the big lies of pride and the whole pride movement. The thesis, the idea behind the pride parade and the pride month is that straight people are the oppressors and heterosexuality is just the dominant and oppressive culture, and it’s unfair and it’s discriminatory toward LGBTQ alphabet people. But that’s not the case.

What this parade shows this is actually exactly the opposite. The culture is inclined in every way toward every other sexual preference other than what we would call traditional marriage. Two hundred people trolling the concept of pride. Thousands and thousands of people protesting the ones protesting the pride. And guess what? The 200 straight pride pro-Trump marchers, they were not the ones who were getting violent. It was the Antifa leftist thugs who were. Tells you a lot about the culture.

And this is why I love the straight pride meme: It just exposes hypocrisy. It’s kind of like in Dave Chappelle’s recent standup special, it’s the same exposing hypocrisy. You know Chappelle — I don’t want to ruin it, so if you haven’t seen the special, close your ears for 10 seconds. Chappelle does this joke, and the joke is this. He says, men shouldn’t have an opinion about abortion, right? Woman’s body, woman’s choice; men shouldn’t have an opinion. However, if a woman chooses not to get an abortion, and the man wants the woman to get an abortion, then he should not have to pay to support the kid. His money, his choice. If she can kill the baby, he can at least abandon the baby. And then Chappelle has this line, it’s one of the best lines of the whole special, he says, and if I’m wrong, maybe we’re wrong; figure that out for yourselves.

[Chappelle] sets the whole thing up with the logic of the Left; the logic of abortion. And then, when he gets to the logical conclusion of it, which is, well all right — [if] you can kill it, [then] I can at least abandon it [and] then I don’t have to pay to support it. When the audience necessarily objects to that, then he says, maybe if I’m wrong, maybe we’re wrong. That is the same idea with the straight pride parade. The straight pride parade is objectionable and ridiculous. I think the organizers would tell you that — they’d say, yes, it’s absurd to go out and celebrate your sexual preferences. Yea, oh yea, these certain things really sexually titillate me. Let’s hold a parade for it! Doesn’t make any sense. It’s ridiculous. That’s objectionable. But if that’s wrong. Maybe all pride parades are wrong.

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