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KNOWLES: Liz Warren Needs Radical Proposals To Stay Relevant
FLORENCE, SC - OCTOBER 26: Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) addresses a crowd outside of the Francis Marion Performing Arts Center October 26, 2019 in Florence, South Carolina. Many presidential hopefuls campaigned in the early primary state over the weekend, scheduling stops around a criminal justice forum in the state capital
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On Tuesday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles talks about Elizabeth Warren’s plan to get rid of the electoral college. Video and partial transcript below: 

Liz Warren, who’s now considered a top-tier candidate all sizzle, no steak. In the case of Elizabeth Warren, it’s all smoke signals, no peyote. Elizabeth Warren comes out a couple of weeks ago, she unveils her health care plan, and this gets her a lot of attention. [It’s a] $52 trillion dollar plan, she has no idea how she’s going to pay for it she says that she’s going to pay for it by taxing billionaires. 

That doesn’t make any sense 621 billionaires in the country, their combined net worth is about $3.2 trillion. If she took away all of their money, it wouldn’t get her through one year of her plan. But it gets a lot of attention, she’s rising up all the momentum’s with Elizabeth Warren. Then, once people stop and consider that plan, she starts to tank in the polls. 

Once you get into this cycle, once you get into the cycle of requiring all of this just negative attention and attention at all costs to stay relevant, to stay in the headlines it creates a very vicious cycle. So now she’s out of the news for a little bit, all that good press that came quickly has fizzled, so she’s trying to recapture it by even more radical plans. She just endorsed, the other day, getting rid of the Electoral College. 

Here she is:

QUESTIONER: As a presidential candidate, what are your thoughts on the Electoral College? 

WARREN: I want to get rid of it. So here’s my goal: My goal is to get elected, and then to be the last American president elected by the Electoral College. … I want the second term to be that I got elected by direct vote, I’m ready … popular vote. I just think this is how our democracy should work. … Call me old-fashioned, but I think the person who gets the most votes should win. 

That doesn’t make a lot of sense for a number of reasons. First of all, call me old-fashioned, but I think that we should overturn over 200 years of American precedent in electing our president? That doesn’t make any sense. If you were old-fashioned, you would support this institution, the Electoral College, which has served our country very, very well since its Founding. But she won’t do that. 

It’s amazing, they talk about how Donald Trump is overturning norms and traditions in our country. “It’s totally, totally unprecedented! He’s a radical! He’s overturning norms!” These people are trying to overturn all of the basic norms of our country. They’re trying to overturn the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Electoral College, trying to overturn all of these things, and yet they attack Trump for it. 

This point she’s making, though, doesn’t make a lot of sense for another reason. She says the electoral college is totally corrupt, it’s terrible, it’s an awful thing, it’s undemocratic. So she’s saying, [paraphrasing] “I want to when I get elected, I promise to abolish that corrupt, terrible, undemocratic, untrustworthy institution that elected me president.” That doesn’t have a whole lot of ring to it, doesn’t make sense. 

The argument, at least from the Left or the only people making this argument the argument to get rid of the Electoral College is that there’s no way Democrats can win with the Electoral College, because we’ve now twice had a situation in the last 30 years   or last 20 years, I guess where a president got elected, even though he lost the popular vote. 

We don’t elect presidents on the popular vote. We are the United States of America, not the United People of America. We have a federal system here, and the vote for president is more complicated than just some guy going to the polls so that New York, and L.A., and San Francisco [don’t] dominate every presidential election. But, if the argument is that Democrats can’t win with the Electoral College, and then a Democrat wins with the Electoral College, then the argument for getting rid of the Electoral College sort of goes away. It’s radical. 

She just needs to say it to get more press because she’s lost a little bit of her momentum. Again, polls keep showing that people don’t want this kind of radicalism. The problem for these candidates is they require the radicalism to stay in the news. 

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